Medical Accommodation Due to Physical or Mental Disability

A formal medical accommodation under the Duty to Accommodate may be required when a staff member experiences a health related physical or mental disability (due to an illness, injury or birth defect) as defined under the Alberta Human Rights Act. The process begins when the prognosis for recovery is poor and there is a degree of permanency in the staff member's impairment which results in permanent work related restrictions/limitations. The restrictions/limitations must be supported by objective medical evidence. If assessed as meeting the Duty to Accommodate criteria, Health Recovery and Return to Work Services will facilitate the development of a written Accommodation for Medical Reasons Agreement in collaboration with the staff member, the staff member's department/unit and other stakeholders as required.

Please see the Temporary Modifications to Work web page if your limitations/restrictions are temporary in nature.

To initiate a request for a permanent accommodation:

  • Review your accommodation needs with your supervisor. You do not need to discuss your medical condition with your supervisor/manager - they will need to understand your work related restrictions/limitations in order to consider how to address the need.
  • Contact Health Recovery and Return to Work Services at 780-492-0636 to review your situation. If appropriate, the Request for Permanent Accommodation form will be emailed to you.
  • After you complete Section A of the form, provide the entire form to your immediate supervisor for them to complete Section B and have a senior manager sign Section B.
  • Return the completed form to Health Recovery and Return to Work Services by email at
  • The supervisor is to submit an On Line Notification form to Homewood Health Inc. (HHI).
  • You will need to submit supporting medical documentation to HHI.
  • HHI will assess the medical information provided and gather any additional objective medical information required in order to assess if the restrictions/limitations are permanent in nature.
  • HHI will advise Health Recovery and Return to Work Services on their findings.
  • Health Recovery and Return to Work Services will follow-up with you and the department on the outcome and next steps.

Accommodation requests for non-medical reasons (other Human Rights protected grounds) should be discussed directly with your supervisor and a Human Resources representative. Additional information can be found at: