Stay at Work Services

It is recognized that work is a healthy and important part of a person's life. In many situations, a staff member is able to remain at work while managing a physical and/or emotional health challenge. The University of Alberta recognizes the personal and organizational benefits from staying at work, and has a range of supports and services to assist in remaining at work. The University of Alberta has partnered with Homewood Health Inc (HHI) to assist staff in managing an injury or a health concern that is impacting their ability to complete work duties effectively. The HHI Health Support Consultant (HSC) is available to assist in proactively managing these issues while staying at work.

There are two ways of accessing services through HHI:

Self referral: this is completed when a staff member is managing work but their health is compromised and potentially deteriorating. To start a self referral, please email Homewood Health at, insert subject line "SELF REFERRAL"

In this instance, HHI will not be in touch with the worksite, they will focus their efforts on assisting you through your recovery and return to full capacity.

Please note that the University's Information and Privacy Office (IPO) does not recommend that medical information be sent by email. For more information about the risks of sending medical and other personal information by email and the alternative ways of sending information suggested by the IPO, please see the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer Email Privacy webpage. Please consider these risks and alternatives when you share medical and other personal information in the course of accessing services and resources to assist with your illness, injury or disability.

Provide only the following information in your email. Do not include personal medical information, emails, communication, documents and/or attachments.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Faculty
  • Department
  • Preferred Phone #

Assisted referral: to coordinate this, please have your supervisor complete the On Line Notification (OLN). Once the OLN has been received by Homewood Health Inc (HHI), a Health Support Consultant (HSC) will reach out to you and your supervisor to evaluate the needs and will work with you on medical and rehabilitative supports to assist you in your recovery and return to full capacity.

Stay At Work FAQ's

Must I advise my supervisor if I am experiencing a health issue and my work is not being affected?
No, your personal health/medical information is your private matter, and it is often best that it remains private.

Must I advise my supervisor if I am experiencing a health issues that is affecting my work?
Yes, it is recommended that you have a discussion with your supervisor to ensure that there is an understanding about how your work is being affected and options to adjust while you recover. It is not necessary to discuss the diagnosis or treatment you may be receiving. A short term agreement can be reached that identifies any minor modifications that may be put in place to support you in remaining at work. This will help to avoid any performance concerns that may arise if your supervisor is not made aware. Please also review our website on Temporary Modifications to Work for additional information.

If your illness/injury results in the need for a medical leave from work, please visit: