Support Staff Checklist

If you are a Support Staff Member who will be absent for more than 10 working days due to Illness/Injury, or, who is experiencing health concerns that are impacting your ability to maintain work:

  1. Notify your Supervisor of your absence from work and the anticipated duration of your absence.
  2. Download and have your treating physician complete the Medical to Support General Illness Benefits form.
  3. Fax your completed Medical to Support General Illness Benefits form to Homewood Health.
  • Your physician's office may fax the Medical to Support General Illness form directly to HHI at 780-429-1747.
  • The University of Alberta will cover the costs of the reporting fee for the Medical to Support General Illness form. Please have your doctor's office fax their invoice directly to Homewood Health Inc. (HHI) at 780-429-1747.
    Please note that the University's Information and Privacy Office (IPO) does not recommend that medical information be sent by email. For more information about the risks of sending medical and other personal information by email and the alternative ways of sending information suggested by the IPO, please see: Email Best Practices. Please consider these risks and alternatives when you share medical and other personal information in the course of accessing services and resources to assist with your illness, injury or disability.

4. Be available by phone or email. Your Homewood Health Support Consultant (HSC) will contact you
typically within 24-48 hours of receiving notification of your absence.
5. Discuss the Consent for Release of Health Information form with your HSC
6. Regularly communicate with your HSC and your immediate supervisor during the duration of your leave.
7. Provide updated medical information as required.
8. Participate in return to work planning and return to work as soon as it is safe and healthy for you to do so.

* If you have had an injury that you believe to be work related please view our WCB page for more information and forms.

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