U of A On the Move

On the Move is a University of Alberta initiative designed to encourage individuals to increase their daily activity levels or maintain their current active lifestyle. Being active can include purchasing a gym membership or joining a program but it can also be as easy as parking a little farther away from the building, walking to speak to a friend or colleague, taking a walk at lunch or choosing to take the stairs. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of the opportunities our campus community has to be active.   

General Information

The U of A on the Move initiative began in the Faculty of Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences (formerly Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics) as the Empey lecture topic for Reunion Weekend 2003. The program is modeled after programs such as America on the Move (USA), the 10,000 Steps Rockhampton (Australia) program, and others like them. It is designed to promote physical activity and provide objective feedback to individuals as they become more active.

Making physical activity part of your daily routine can increase your energy level, assist in maintaining a healthy weight and reduce stress. Take this opportunity and WALK for life.


On July 21 2003, the Senate Task Force on Wellness released its report, entitled "Becoming the Healthiest University in Canada: Improving the Overall Wellness of the University of Alberta." In this report, the Task Force wrote of the U of A "On the Move" campaign: The Task Force supports the program that will be implemented by the Human Ecology Department in October 2003.  Using the phrase "Walk the Talk", the program uses pedometers to teach and measure how every step in an easy walking program can improve individual health.

The Senate is pleased to provide support for this website and the research project and believes the "On the Move" campaign will help improve the overall wellness of the University of Alberta. You can download a copy of the Senate Task Force on Wellness. 

Our Partners

There are numerous partners on campus whose programs and activities directly impact the health and wellness of our campus community. On the Move highlights the partnership that exists between the following groups contributing to this site to raise awareness and promote the importance of attaining and maintaining a health, wellness and balance. 

Facilities and Operations

Healthy Campus Unit

Human Resource Services

Office of Sustainability

Campus and Community Recreation

University Health Centre