Getting Help


Family Counselling and Family Mediation

The Employee and Family Assistance Program offers a wide range of confidential, professional counseling and family mediation services. EFAP clinicians are registered psychologists or Masters level registered counselors. Services provided through EFAP are available at no cost to the individual.

Staff members and their eligible dependents can access services in several ways and can chose a method that best meets their needs and comfort level. EFAP offers face to face counselling, telephonic counselling, e-counselling and web based services.

The University's EFAP is designed to:

  • provide timely confidential professional counseling services
  • prevent problems from becoming overwhelming
  • provide immediate counseling in times of crisis
  • support you through life stage transitions (e.g. marriage, becoming a new parent, career change, blended family challenges, bereavement, retirement)
  • provide support and assistance for achieving your health goals
  • provide assistance in dealing with depression, anxiety, fear or existing personal health issues

Family Mediation

Resolving disputes in our personal relationships sometimes requires the assistance of someone who is not immediately or personally involved. Mediation services can assist with separation, divorce, blended families, parenting, eldercare or sibling issues.

A psychologist or team of psychologists will respond to your home or work site to assess the situation and ensure the most appropriate response. Please ensure you specify it is an emergency situation when you call.

Please contact the EFAP directly at 780.428.7587, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Childcare and Parenting Support Services

Childcare and Parenting specialists work directly with clients to ensure their unique family needs are taken into consideration when determining appropriate resources and solutions for their childcare concerns. Following the first conversation, specialists may send clients a personalized package of information or perhaps direct them to an online service that provides access to the most complete and current research. Concerned parents may use this service for a variety of issues including adoption, blended families, gifted and talented children, special needs, school concerns, homework assistance or childhood obesity.

BusyFamily Childcare and Eldercare Service

BusyFamily is an on-line database that will assist in assessing needs and providing a list of relevant resources such as

  • information about personal and family care providers in Canada
  • customized online reports with in-depth service descriptions
  • instant access to quality checklists, financial aid information, advice, and moreIf you are interested in accessing the BusyFamily Childcare and Eldercare database, contact the EFAP directly at 780.428.7587 or

Dealing With Traumatic Events

In addition to psychological counselling services for children, teens and adults the EFAP provides consultation services for a variety of situations as part of the EFAP Plan Smart Service. comprehensive telephonic advice, as well as print and electronic resources are available through the EFAP.

The EFAP also makes available periodic information on timely topics. Practical information on helping your children manage distress in the aftermath of a shooting is the current topic.

New Parent Service

Becoming a new parent can be one of the most exciting times in your life. It can also be one of the most stressful times in your life and leave you with more questions than answers. The EFAP childcare specialists are available to speak with new parents both before and after the birth in order to alleviate any concerns. Additional information on this service can be found by accessing the service overview.

Elder and Family Care Service

Caring for aging adults, children or both can be very complex. If you are feeling overwhelmed by family responsibilities or if you have a specific question you are looking to have answered, the EFAP's Care Specialist is available to assist. For additional information on the service, access the service overview.

Personal Development

Financial Counselling

Debt management, planning for your child's future or setting up a savings program? Staff members and their eligible dependents can access 2 hours of financial counseling per year. Please see service overview for more information.

Legal Consultation

Need legal advice? Staff members and their eligible dependents can access up to 2 hours of legal consultation per concern. You have the option of accessing the Lawline to speak with a lawyer or request a face to face consultation. Please access the service overview.

Career Counselling

Staff members interested in pursuing the possibility of a significant career change can access the services of a vocational consultant to assist them in developing a career path. Both in-person interviews and written aptitude/interest tests, and other vocational assessment tools will be utilized to identify suitable occupations based on the individual's personal profile, as well as skills and abilities. The consultant will also assist the staff member in researching suitable training opportunities. Please see service overview for more information.

Cultural Transition Support

Services are designed to support the staff member and their family throughout the relocation process and offer support with respect to making the cultural transition once their family has relocated.

Career Transition & Job Loss

Embarking on a career transition is a major life change, and like any change it can be both an exciting opportunity as well as a daunting challenge. There are various services available through the EFAP designed to support individuals facing career transition.

Information for Individuals

  • Facing a Job Loss
  • Taking Control of Job Loss and Transition (online course)
  • Career Transition Services for Support Staff
  • Career Transition Services for Administrative Professional Staff
  • Career Transition Services for Academic Staff
  • Career Transition Services for Contract Academic Staff Teaching (CAST)