Tips for Everyone

There are many ways to show appreciation and recognition for your colleagues. Here are a few ideas:

  • Treat a colleague to coffee
  • Send birthday, anniversary or holiday cards
  • Say something to make someone else smile
  • Take time to listen, but disengage in gossip
  • Celebrate outstanding projects and achievements
  • Nominate colleagues for awards
  • Say "thank you", write a thank you note, or send a letter of appreciation
  • Lend a hand to mundane tasks
  • Be pleasant and smile
  • Promote appropriate humor
  • Actually take time to just talk
  • Take time to find out about colleagues after work hobbies/activities
  • Buy a small gift or leave a treat on their desk in appreciation
  • Plan occasional extravagances, i.e. pizza, doughnuts, a picnic
  • Plan a team recreation activity
  • Use or ask for ideas in pressure situations, then act on a suggestion
  • Respect others wishes, sensitivities and preferences
  • Defend against hostile or negative comments about others
  • Encourage someone that helps someone else
  • Show your confidence in your colleagues
  • Share information
  • Be a real person
  • Send notes of appreciate about your boss to your boss's boss

There are a few other ways to provide some informal recognition to colleagues on campus.

  • Consider nominating them for for a Happiness Appreciation Award as part of International Day of Happiness. (nomination window usually the first two weeks of March)
  • Do you know a faculty or staff member who consistently contributes to creating a culture of well-being on campus? Nominate them as a Wellness Champion. (nomination window is February and March)