Lunch and Learns

Lunch and Learns are noon hour workshops on the topics of mental health, physical health, personal and professional development. Sessions are open to all University faculty and staff members and are free of charge. Topics are updated on a monthly basis and range from Mental Illness through to Adopt a Planter.

How to register for courses at the Learning Shop

1. If you don't already have an account visit the Learning Shop Create an Account page.
2. Go to the HRS Learning Shop Calendar.
3. Select the appropriate month for the upcoming session.
4. Click on the session in the calendar and select "Register".

How to Enrol using the LearnCentre

  1. Log into LearnCentre using your CCID and password.
  2. Select a catalogue and click the Learning Events link to view all opportunities related to the topic. You can sort and view these opportunities by category. 
  3. Select the name of an instructor led training (ILT) event and click the Enrol icon.