Leadership Series


The Leadership Series is designed to provide academic leaders opportunities to deepen skill and confidence in challenging aspects of their role. The series features intensive multi-day workshops full of practical and applicable techniques.

Who can participate?

These programs are intended for supervisors, APOs, Temporary Administrative and Professional Staff, Associate Deans, Chairs, Directors and Chair-like staff who have more than one (1) year of experience in their role.

Some of the following programs are filled on a first-come basis, while others are filled through an application process. Some are offered every year and others are offered on a rotating bi-annual basis. These are best taken in the sequence shown, with time in between to apply and integrate the skills learned.

Facilitative Leadership

24 participants are accepted per year for this three-day program held each spring and the cost is $300. In the Facilitative Leadership Program you will learn to:

  • Create a vision of success and engage others in its pursuit
  • Lead collaborative planning and problem solving discussions
  • Engage appropriate involvement needed for decision making
  • Coach and inspire others to perform at their best
  • Design meetings, project plans and change strategies with concrete milestones and accountabilities
  • Employ the three dimensions of success:  results, process, relationships
  • Celebrate accomplishment in authentic and motivating ways

Triage Leadership

In the University’s demanding and unique environment, individuals need to maximize performance and work cohesively with others. Offered through a partnership with KESA, a renowned Alberta-based organizational development firm, this two-day interactive workshop, usually offered in the fall, enables participants to:

  • Develop situational leadership
  • Do “leadership triage” to determine the best approach
  • Recognize the causes of excuses and blame and get more accountability
  • Practice and enhance coaching skills with teams and groups

Triage Leadership is offered for $200.

Deepening Facilitative Capacity

This two-day sequel to the Facilitative Leadership (FL) program offers an opportunity to review, reflect, build on and enhance FL skills while sharing experiences and learning with a network of peers. This opportunity is only available to those who have completed the three-day Facilitative Leadership (FL) program. Applications are emailed directly to FL graduates in the early springtime. This two-day session is offered for $200.

University Management Course

The University Management Course (UMC) is offered by CHERD (University of Manitoba).  This 5-day intensive course, held in Winnipeg, is designed to address the unique concerns of administrators working in a university environment and is for department heads, associate deans, directors or others with similar administrative roles in academic or support units who are looking to enhance their leadership skills and achieve better outcomes.  Anyone wishing to participate may do so at their own expense.

Gold College

This innovative and transformative 10-month cohort-based leadership program is available across all campus Faculties and central units.