Deepening Facilitative Leadership

Purpose and Intended Audience

This two day sequel to the Facilitative Leadership (FL) program offers an opportunity to review, reflect, build on and enhance FL skills while developing a new network of peers, sharing experiences and learning together. This opportunity is available only to those who have completed the three-day Facilitative Leadership program, and is offered on a bi-annual basis.

Effective facilitators unlock the power of the individual and show groups how to reach their desired goals. When leaders model skillful facilitation, they put their commitment to participation and collaboration into practice. As facilitation skills improve throughout an organization or community, everyone involved becomes more creative and productive, and is better able to seize opportunities for dramatic improvements in how work is done in order to achieve more ambitious results.

At the close of this two day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • describe the Four Facilitative Approaches and apply them to their facilitation
  • apply the Collaborative Problem Solving Framework
  • explore the key agreements that people need to make in each phase of the problem solving process
  • practice new tools for building agreement
  • deepen capacity to facilitate opening, narrowing and closing of task focused meetings
  • apply the "Ladder of Inference" in facilitating groups
  • apply the framework and the guidelines for reconciling differences with groups and individuals
  • practice and demonstrate the guidelines for giving feedback to groups and individuals

To be eligible for this program you must:

  • Have completed the Facilitative Leadership program
  • Be available for both days of the course in their entirety
  • Have your supervisor's support to participate
  • Complete the registration form