Triage Leadership

Organizational Development, Equity and Health is proud to partner with KESA consulting to give U of A leaders a coaching skill boost! Offered as part of the Leading the Academy Leadership Series; this 2 day workshop will help you make the most of your coaching conversations with increased accountability as a result.

In the University's demanding and unique environment, we need to maximize people's performance while working cohesively with our colleagues. The integration of coaching skills in the workplace is crucial to everyone's success, particularly those of us in leadership roles on campus.

KESA is a renowned Alberta-based organizational development firm whose coaching workshops and Certified Executive Coaches have been sought out by the NHL, as well as corporate and government organizations across North America.

Purpose and Intended Audience

The workshop is geared towards those who have completed the Facilitative Leadership Program, though it is open to any U of A leader who wishes to effectively use recognized coaching techniques in their day-to-day leadership approach.

Coaching Snapshot

In this two-day experience, learners will discover and practice vital skills such as:

  • Developing situational leadership.
  • Practicing "leadership triage" to determine the best approach.
  • Recognizing the causes of excuses and blame.
  • Getting more accountability from staff and colleagues.
  • Dispelling the myths of coaching.
  • Recognizing "drive-by" coaching.
  • Learning to use coaching skills with teams and groups.