Ending Employment: Support Staff


Coverage Ceases/Additional Information

Supplementary Health, Dental Care, Health Spending Account and Personal Spending Account

(Sun Life)

On date of termination.

Any outstanding claims for Supplementary Health, Dental Care, Health Spending Account and/or Personal Spending Account must be submitted before March 31st after the end of the calendar year in which you leave.

Employee and Family Assistance Program End of the month of termination.

Basic and Optional Employee Life Insurance


Optional Dependent Life Insurance

End of the month of termination.

If your termination date is prior to your 65th birthday, you can convert the insurance to an individual policy without medical evidence.

If you are converting for optional dependent life insurance, both you and your dependent(s) must also be under the age of 65.

Combined conversion maximum for basic and optional life insurance is a maximum of $200,000. The term and cost of your life insurance will be provided by Great West Life. If you are interested in applying for the conversion(s), please fill in section 2 of the Great West Life Group Life Conversion Privilege Notification form and forward it to your Benefits and Pension Advisor in HRS. Any questions regarding the available conversion options should be directed to Great West Life at (780) 428-8585 ext. 3000.

Critical Illness

On date of termination.

If you are under the age of 65 and have more than 2 years of critical illness coverage, you are eligible to convert some of your Critical Illness insurance within 31 days of your termination date subject to the minimums and maximums established by Industrial Alliance Pacific (IAP). If you are interested in pursuing the conversion privilege, please contact IAP directly at 1-800-266-5667.

Business Travel Accident Insurance

On date of termination.

Occupational Death & Dismemberment On date of termination.
Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment On date of termination.
Medical Leave On date of termination.
Long Term Disability On date of termination.

Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)

On date of termination.

Within 6 weeks of termination, APS will provide you with an options package. Please ensure APS has your current address. Further information is available at www.pspp.ca.

If you had a leave of absence in the year that you terminated, you will be sent a Notice of Cost by Alberta Pension Services. This purchase must be paid in full prior to the deadline outlined on the Notice of Cost and may delay your options package.

If you were a combined pensionable service employee, you will also be receiving a termination package from Conduent HR Services (Pension Administrator for the Universities Academic Pension Plan).

If you are currently purchasing prior service or a leave of absence, the outstanding balance is due as of your termination date. In order to allow for processing time, you have 60 days from your date of termination to provide payment in full to our office to ensure it is processed within the timeframe allowed. If you choose not to purchase prior service in full, the account will be closed and any service purchased will be credited to your account. This service may not be available for you to purchase in the future.

In order for Alberta Pension Services (APS) to process your pension options, proof of age documents are required by Alberta Pension Services. These can be either a passport or birth certificate. Name change documents are also required if the name used today is different than indicated on the birth certificate or passport - ie. marriage certificate.