Before You Start

Congratulations on your new position!

Before you start, invest some time in the following. It will help you gain a great start in your new position.

  • Complete pre-arrival documentation. Sign your appointment letter, confidentiality agreement and statement of ethical conduct etc. Provide your SIN and work permit (if applicable)
  • Explore the Faculty and Staff website. See where your position belongs. Explore your Benefits. Write down any questions you may have. This website will serve as your resource throughout your career at our exciting institution.
  • Think about what information will be beneficial. Prepare a list of questions to ask your supervisor in a telephone conversation prior to arrival or on your first day. This will give you a better sense of what to expect. Here are some questions to consider asking:
  • Will I have a schedule for my first days, such as for meetings or required training?
  • Should I bring a lunch my first day?
  • If commuting by car: where do I park my first day/how do I get a parking permit prior to my first day?
  • If commuting by bicycle: where is the bicycle rack closest to the building? What time should I be at work my first day?
  • What is the preferred attire in the group/department?
  • What is the accepted practice for decorating my work space; e.g., can I bring photos from home or other personal items?
  • Ensure you have your required documentation (such as your Social Insurance Number)
  • Review the benefits plans for your position so you are prepared to ask clarifying questions

Important information

You must have your appointment letter to apply for parking permit

Government issued Photo ID (driver's license or passport) and 7-digit UofA ID Number are required to pick up your OneCard