First Days

Exciting. Overwhelming. Important. First days are all of these things. Remember everyone has had a first day. Here's some items to do as you get to know your new manager, co-workers and your new position.

Introduce yourself

  • Meet your new co-workers and other people in the groups or departments you will be interacting with.
  • If you are hiring into a managerial position, hold meetings with all of your staff to gain a sense of current priorities, projects and issues.

Clarify the job description and context

  • Review the job description and clarify roles, responsibilities and expectations.
  • Review the UofA Mission, Vision, Current goals and priorities.
  • Review the organizational chart to familiarize yourself with the work structure in which you'll be working.
  • Clarify initial assignments and projects with your manager. Ask what decisions can be made without input and what types of decisions need managerial input, or broader input, such as from clients or stakeholders.

Complete Action Steps

  • Set up Direct Deposit through Beartracks
  • Obtain your ONECard and ensure your manager has provided you with your CCID
  • Complete the Benefits enrollment documentation and send it back to HR
  • Set up your SunLife Account online
  • Test your security cards/swipe access (if required)
  • Identify your best commute option and make necessary arrangements (parking services, ETS etc.)