First Weeks

Get more familiar with the requirements of your new position, it's time to take the next steps.

Participate Actively

  • Complete logistical set up
  • Take required training
  • Provide feedback on your progress

Clarify Projects

  • Clarify initial assignments or projects with your manager

Establish Relationships

  • Meet your colleagues and peers that you work with directly and indirectly
  • Establish working networks

Ask Questions

Ask questions to help you better understand the direction, roles and responsibilities, relationships and scope of authority for your new position. Getting key information early will also help you feel more comfortable and more easily able to make meaningful contributions right away.

You may ask your supervisor or manager, a co-worker, your team lead, a department administrator, or someone else in the department some of these questions:

  • Are there regular meetings I am expected to attend?
  • Are there special activities or certain days of the week when events take place?
  • What training is required for my new position? Is there preferred timing as to when I need to complete the training? Once I complete required training, what is the recommended training helpful to me moving forward?
  • If I am the first to arrive at our work location, how will I gain entrance? Are there specific keys I need to be issued?
  • What projects will I initially be working on? Will I be able to get a list from you as to who I should contact to be brought up to speed? What are the deadlines?
  • What is our group's or department's fax number? Which email distribution lists should I join?
  • Which specific policies do I need to review in these first weeks?
  • If you are hired into a supervisory or managerial position: Whose timecards will I need to approve? For what systems will I get authority? What information can I expect on a regular basis; e.g., financial reports generated by your budget officer, etc.?