Tax Slips

Tax slips are available to all current or former employees who have received taxable earnings or benefits in the taxation year being reported. Tax slips for the 2019 tax year are now available.

Accessing Your Tax Slips

Employees can access T4 and T4A tax slips online using Bear Tracks. For detailed instructions on how to access and print tax slips, see the Tax Slips - Accessing and Printing document. Your Tax Slip will open as a PDF in your browser. Please note you browser will likely notify you that the pop-up blocker has prevented the document from opening. Click this notification to view the document.

Access to Bear Tracks for certain individuals are as follows:

  • Active employee - full access
  • Employees on leave - full access
  • Person of Interest/Guests - access for two weeks after the relationship end date
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows - access for 14 months following relationship end date
  • Terminated Employees - access for 18 months following termination date as long as the individual has used their CCID within 14 months of termination.

If you encounter problems accessing your tax slips in Bear Tracks, please contact the IST Help Desk at 780-492-9400 or

Receiving Tax Slips

The University of Alberta is required to file all year-end slips (T4/T4A forms) no later than March 2, 2020 for the 2019 tax year. The university's taxation year includes earnings paid from December 16 up to and including December 15 each year for employees who are paid semi-monthly, and earnings paid from January 1 up to and including December 31 of each year for employees paid monthly.

If you have received a T4A slip, you have received one or more of the following payments in a tax year:

  • Scholarship
  • Fellowship
  • Bursary
  • Research grant
  • Honorarium
  • Employer paid life insurance coverage
  • Research prize/award

You may receive two tax slips for the same tax year if there have been changes to your employment in the year or you had more than one appointment at the same time. Examples include a change in affiliation, a move from operating to trust, or a change in employment status. Please ensure you file your personal tax return using all tax slips we have issued.

Understanding Your Tax Slips

Your year-to-date earnings on your pay statement may not match Box 14 on your T4 slip. The year-to-date earnings total on your pay cheque/advice includes all employment income before deductions, not including the value of taxable benefits. Your T4 Box 14 includes all employment income before deductions plus the value of taxable benefits and any additional compensation that was paid during the year.

Taxable benefits are benefits that are not monetary in nature, and are provided to employees but paid by the employer. They may include employer-paid group life insurance premiums, critical illness premiums, and employer-paid parking premiums. The total of these premiums can be found on the paycheque/advice in the Employer year-to-date deduction column. On the T4 slip, these benefits are reported in Box 40 (Other Information).

For questions regarding the information reported on your tax slip(s) please contact Payroll and Benefit Services, Human Resource Services at