Areas of Focus

The Department of Family Medicine (DFM) at the University of Alberta provides education, research and administrative services directed towards delivering accessible, quality family practice to the general public and to all communities.

Alberta is rapidly becoming a leader in Primary Care transformation, particularly with the support of organizations and initiatives such as Primary Care Networks, Alberta AIM, Toward Optimized Practice, and Alternate Relationship plans.

The Department of Family Medicine is committed to researching, implementing and teaching the numerous innovative components of the Patient's Medical Home Model.

We recognize that circumstances and issues of specific communities and populations generate unique healthcare needs and pose specific health risks to those populations. Examples of populations presenting with specific healthcare issues are the aboriginal communities, refugee families, diverse cultural communities, low socioeconomic status, the frail elderly, and at-risk drivers, among others. The needs of some of these populations are identified within our core programs, i.e. Care of the Elderly, in our residency program or inner city teaching clinics.

In other cases, distinct programs were developed to focus on the issues of a specific, at-risk group or population.

Currently, research activities on distinct populations are in the areas of: