Chair's Message

Welcome to the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta

World class family physicians teach and learn here. We offer students, residents and teachers opportunities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to engage in innovative education, research, and health information management for the benefit of family medicine. Our department and its graduates are effective agents of change in primary health care in Alberta and across Canada.

Throughout their undergraduate medical education, students are exposed to enthusiastic family physicians as small-group facilitators, lecturers, course coordinators and preceptors for their community-based experience and clerkship rotations. Students experience quality research in a family medicine setting through our Research Summer Studentship Program.

Residents in our postgraduate program train to be on the front line of health care and education in the changing world of family medicine. With a huge university and community academic and clinical resource base, the program offers core family medicine training in settings ranging from the inner city to the most remote communities; from the academic rigor of health sciences research practices to the compelling action of the small town emergency department. Our integrated Family Medicine Residency Research Curriculum ensures that residents acquire the skills to become lifelong learners.

Through clinical appointments that have a clear academic trajectory, ongoing faculty development and educational support, and skilled assistance with research and clinical audit, our practicing physicians have the opportunity to develop professionally while sharing their experiences with medical students and residents hungry for knowledge.

Family Medicine at the University of Alberta is your partner in growing professionally and making a strong, positive impact on patient care and your community.

Lee A. Green, MD MPH
Professor and Chair