Chair's Message

Welcome to the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta

I want to start by recognizing the substantial contributions that Dr. Lee Green has made to the Department of Family Medicine over the past 10 years. He led the charge in the development of the Patient Centred Medical Home and the establishment of metrics that allow us to review what we have done and how we can continually improve. Even though Family Medicine is currently facing a number of challenges, we have a strong foundation on which we can move forward. We have an excellent team including enthusiastic educators and researchers who are motivated to determine the best way forward. Currently, we are in the midst of recruiting new admin, a number of new faculty, and looking at models to support our community and rural colleagues during a difficult season. Ideally this will be an opportunity for Family Medicine to unite towards a common goal of recruiting, training and retaining family physicians in Alberta in order to optimally support the health needs of all.

Christina Korownyk, MD CCFP
Interim Chair, Department of Family Medicine