Introducing PEER: Patients, Experience, Evidence, Research

New look, same great Evidence Based Practice!

15 May 2017

The Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) group is making some transitions. The first is a name change to PEER - Patients, Experience, Evidence, Research. These elements are the foundation of Evidence Based Practice, at least in the eyes of David Sacket, the founder of EBM. Additionally, due to our growth in research (led within our team by Scott Garrison), we wanted to give specific mention to this part of our group. We continue to receive exceptional support from the Alberta College of Family Physicians and will work with them and Toward Optimized Practice on maintaining and growing our Knowledge Translation efforts. Our website is

The second, and more substantial change, is a partnership with Lifelong Learning (L3) & Physician Learning Program (PLP) at the UofA, thanks in large part to the hard work of Dr. Khurram Jahangir, Associate Dean L3 & PLP and his team. Through joint funding from L3 and the PLP, the PEER Group has received a sizable contribution to hire five full time staff for Knowledge Translation and Continuing Professional Development. Website for the Integrated Knowledge Translation Network:

This Integrated Knowledge Translation Network (IKTN) team will be working on a variety of initiatives already underway (like Tools for Practice, the Best Science Medicine Podcast) under the leadership of Dr. Mike Allan, who has also been appointed as the Director of Translational Sciences, L3 and PLP, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, UofA. The primary focus of the IKTN Team will be to establish brand new KT programs in the province. Online learning accredited programs will be created around core clinical topics with vodcasts, interactive cases, and clinical questions with feedback. Academic detailing will be started locally, expand throughout the north of the province and perhaps further south. These programs will offer physicians, and their teams, personal interactive learning with non-biased content in the clinical setting. Lastly, the IKTN Team will be working closely with external stakeholders to develop evidence-based, primary care focused guidelines and protocols. All programs will center on primary care application of the best available evidence for efficient team-based, patient centered care.

The group started with the coordinator Karyn Crawford, a master's trained librarian. Caitlin Finely, who is trained in clinical epidemiology, will be leading our online learning program. Danielle Perry, trained in clinical epidemiology and nursing, and Joey Ton, a pharmacist, will be leading our academic detailing program. Jamil Ramji, also a pharmacist, will be leading our guideline/protocol development work. All come with a ton of experience, enthusiasm and exceptional skills, and we are very fortunate to have them.