Northern Alberta Academic Family Medicine Fund



In 2012 the Northern Alberta Academic Family Medicine Fund, an endowment held by the University of Alberta and managed by employees of the Department of Family Medicine, was established. The interest generated from this endowment is intended to support initiatives promoting the advancement of family medicine.


NAAFP Project Funds

A fund management committee was established to review Requests for Proposals for small-scale research projects from family medicine staff, residents, students and trainees.The projects are eligible for up to $7,500 in funding for the following:

  • Educational infrastructure,
  • Awarding prizes,
  • Research by department faculty members, residents, students and trainees,
  • Research and personal development activities, and
  • Any other educational, research and/or administrative activity which the Fund Management Committee deems advisable for the general education and/or research purposes of the Department.

Requests for Proposals are made periodically in each calendar year, dependant on available funds. For more information, please contact

Here are three examples of projects that have grown from a $5,000 NAAFP grant investment into larger health-care initiatives.
Seniors Community Hub


Decision-Making Capacity Assessment Toolkit


The CHANGE Initiative


Seniors Community Hub
Visit the SCH website
Decison-Making Capacity Assessment Toolkit
Visit the DMCA website
The CHANGE Initiative
Visit the CHANGE website
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