Northern Alberta Academic Family Medicine Fund

In 2012 the Northern Alberta Academic Family Medicine Fund, an endowment held by the University of Alberta and managed by employees of the Department of Family Medicine, was established. The interest generated from this endowment is intended to support initiatives promoting the advancement of family medicine.


Since the time of it's inception, the committee has approved funding for over 70 research projects. Some of these projects were instrumental in establishing larger-scale research and led to the development of important health care resources for practitioners and the community. Some examples are:

The Seniors Community Hub
The Decision-Making Capacity Assessment Model Toolkit
People of Alzheimer's
CHANGE Initiatives (CHANGE Adventure camp, CHANGE Clinic)

Congratulations the 14th Request for Proposals Fund Recipients:
PI Project
Andrew Cave Teaching ear, nose and throat examamination using a video-otoscope.
Alexandra Noga Finding Meaning in Medicine
Doug Klein Evaluation and Feasibility of Metabolic Rehab
Evaluation of a Nature Prescription: A Pilot Project
Jasneet Parmar

Moving Cargiver-Centred Care: Training the Health Workforce to Support Family Caregivers
Spread an Scale of Healthcare Innovation: A Rapid Review of Best Practices
How Has COVID-19 Affected Family Caregivers

Karen Moniz Residency Training Experiences of Residents with Children: A Phenomenology Study
Sheny Khera & Marjan Abbasi Frailty Index from Elctronic Medical Records (FI-EMR): Phase 1 Creation of Primary Care EMR Test Datasheet
Mike Kolber & Tina Korownyk PEER Team Summer Student- Project 2020
Simplified Pain Guideline: Neuropathic Pain; Tools for Practice PEER Team Summer Student Project
Roni Kraut Anti-hypertensive Deprescribing in Long-term Care (ADCare): Protocal for a Randomized Controlled Non-inferiority Trial
Teresa De Freitas Ultrasound-guided Hydrodilatation Plus Immediate Physiotherpay for Adhesive Capsulitis of the Shoulder: A Randomized Controlled Trial


A fund management committee was established to review Requests for Proposals for small-scale research projects from family medicine staff, residents, students and trainees.The projects are eligible for up to $5,000 in funding for the following:

  • Educational infrastructure,
  • Awarding prizes,
  • Research by department faculty members, residents, students and trainees,
  • Research and personal development activities, and
  • Any other educational, research and/or administrative activity which the Fund Management Committee deems advisable for the general education and/or research purposes of the Department.
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