Faculty & Staff Development

Welcome to Faculty & Staff Development in the Department of Family Medicine.

As the discipline of family medicine is continually evolving, our department strives to ensure all department members remain at the leading edge of knowledge and innovation. To this end, faculty and staff development provides high quality education in the areas of teaching, research and scholarship, and administration.

How are Faculty & Staff Development Sessions Selected?

The content of faculty and staff development sessions for our teachers and staff is determined by periodic needs assessments, the department's strategic direction, and suggestions from department members.

How is Faculty & Staff Development Delivered?

Faculty and staff development is delivered in a variety of ways:
  • Seminars, workshops, lectures, and peer coaching are delivered in-person throughout the year.
  • Information and resources are distributed via newsletter announcements, emails, and online modules.
  • We make learning fun through the use of games and activities such as our Amazing Race-inspired education session and Easter Egg Hunts.
We are also pleased to share a link to the College of Family Physicians of Canada National Repository of Resources.

Annual Faculty and Resident Extravaganza and Education Retreat (FREzER)

Our annual department retreat (FREzER - Faculty and Resident Extravaganza and Education Retreat) is an opportunity for our community, rural, and academic faculty to collaborate and socialize with each other and the residents. FREzER is held annually in March.

Questions? Ideas? Get in touch with Faculty Development - we welcome your suggestions!

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Sudha Koppula, Director, Faculty Development
Karen Moniz, Director, Faculty and Staff Development