Education Sessions

CASEM Football Injuries Sports Medicine Workshop

November 24, 2018
Edmonton, AB

The Canadian Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) is offering a one-day workshop focused on football injuries.

Targeted at the physician or sport medicine health care professional, this one day clinical workshop will cover all aspects of football injuries. At the end of the workshop, the learner will:

  • be educated as to the complexities of return to play decisions in contact sports and unique plans for injuries/player position and level of play,
  • create a plan of care from prevention, diagnosis, care and recovery after common injuries of the tendons and ligaments in both the lower extremity and upper extremity,
  • become familiar with hand injuries that typically result from football and contact sports including sideline and definitive care. The learner will also be briefed on the management will include non-surgical as well as surgical treatment options, and
  • provide an update on concussions in football and the latest treatment options.


Integrated Concussion Research Project Symposium