Our goal is to produce competent, caring, full service family physicians with a passion for serving their community.

The University of Alberta Family Medicine residency is purposefully designed to expose residents to challenges and responsibilities that will help them become strong, well-rounded physicians. This includes providing 24hr overnight call, serving in a variety of acute and ambulatory clinical settings and delivering excellent patient care to a variety of patient populations.

Applicants to the program must apply through CaRMS. Please see the CaRMS website for guidelines and requirements.


The Family Medicine Application Process

Please refer to the CaRMS Match Process page for details.
Applications are screened via a file review and selected applicants are invited for an interview.

Interview Information

For the CaRMS 2022 cycle, the interview period will include Virtual Orientations hosted by the Program Director, Distributed Site Co-directors and Resident Co-chiefs. Opportunities to interact with residents will also be provided.

Applicants will have the opportunity to meet an interview team “face to face” (virtually) to share their passion and desire for family medicine and for the UofA program in particular. This will also provide the opportunity for those that are not sure of their choice to ask questions and decide if our specialty and our program are the best fit for them.

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) will need to be screened by the Alberta International Medical Graduate (AIMG) Program before they can apply to CaRMS. Visit the AIMG website for more information. If offered an interview, the interview process will be similar to the CMG process but may include a Critical Thinking Skills test (see CaRMS website for details).