What is CBAS?

There are multiple components to assessment in our residency programs.

Competency-based Achievement System (CBAS)

CBAS is the overall framework for assessment in our program. Formative feedback provided throughout training, as well as information contained in any tool for formative or summative assessment, all serve as the evidence base for summative decisions. The underlying assumptions of CBAS are based in best practices for good assessment.

A fundamental assumption of CBAS is the importance of continuity in education and assessment. For this reason, residents are matched to an advisor upon entry to our program. The advisor-resident relationship lasts for the whole residency program. While formative feedback will be shared regularly throughout training, a scheduled face-to-face discussion and decision about progress towards competence takes place every 4 months (the Periodic Progress review).

CBAS aligns with the College of Family Physicians of Canada CRAFT (Continuous Reflective Assessment for Training) recommendations.

FieldNotes: Capturing Formative Feedback

FieldNotes are a tool to help residents, preceptors, and advisors to capture a sampling of the formative feedback that is shared in the workplace.

There is an expectation of 1 field note minimum per week entered by a preceptor or faculty advisor. Residents are also encouraged to enter their own FieldNotes of feedback received for later reflection.

Sample Paper Field Note

Sample Electronic Field Note

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By Residents for Residents, Guide to Feedback (GIFT document)

Periodic Progress Report: Bringing all of the Evidence Together

The Periodic Progress Report is how we assess the competence of residents as they progress through their training. Residents are given the opportunity to reflect and demonstrate informed/guided self-assessment. The Report is completed and submitted electronically after a face-to-face meeting between the advisor and the resident to discuss progress and develop a learning plan supporting the resident's progress towards competence.

Sample Progress Report

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In-Training Evaluation Reports (ITERs): Assessment of Progress in Clinical Experiences

ITERs are the traditional tools for assessing progress in a clinical experience and have been revised for integration with competency-based assessment.

Sample ITERS