Program Curriculum

Behavioural Medicine, Palliative Care and Care of the Elderly are integrated within the program using models of shared care and Telehealth. Academic course delivery for Doctor Patient Relationship is given in two workshops focusing on communication skills. A four week selective in Care of the Elderly is available as an alternative to integration within Family Medicine rotations as is a two week selective in Palliative Care in Red Deer. In Grande Prairie, palliative care is integrated into the emergency medicine block.

There will be a requirement for research activity in both years of the program, including Evidence Based Medicine projects and a practice quality improvement project.



 Fort McMurray Curriculum

Year 1

- 2-month Family Medicine block at start of year 1
- 2 days Family Medicine per week (except for when offsite) defined by the resident and their preceptor such that the resident will experience follow-up and continuity of patient care. Residents are expected to follow patients from their clinic who may be admitted to hospital through arrangements with the hospitalist on duty for the length of their patient stay.
- Orthopedics will be covered by the CASTED course provided to all residents once over the 2-year cycle. In addition, there are 3 shifts of orthopedics which include pre- and post-operative care and assessment.  A 2-week off-site selective of MSK will be arranged by the resident in their choice of sports medicine, rheumatology, and physiatry.  Alternatively, the two weeks can be with a local physiotherapist.
- A workshop airway management
- 6 sets of 5 shifts with Family Medicine Hospitalists including weekends
- General Surgery and Pediatrics are 3 days per week, for 6 weeks with a target of 18 days per rotation
- Obstetrics is 3 days per week, for 9 weeks with a target of 27 days per rotation
- Care of the Elderly: residents are assigned a panel of patients on Long Term Care to follow throughout the year with attendance at regular interdisciplinary rounds for their patients. ‘Geri e-m’ will compliment this rotation in 2017-18.
- 4 weeks of vacation
- 6 weeks of electives

Year 2

- 16 weeks of rural Family Medicine in an off-site rural site
- Family medicine on-site as in year one
- A workshop airway management
- Psychiatry – 4-week block of 3 days per week (Family Medicine for the other 2 days). Target of 12 days of specialty rotation.
- IM/CCU/ICU – 6-week block of 3 days per week including call nights (Family Medicine for the other 2 days). Target of 18 days of specialty rotation.
- Emergency – integrated with Family Medicine to include 30 x 8-hour shifts or 20 x 12-hour shifts
- Palliative care – 2-week selective to be arranged off-site
- Elective time – 6 weeks if ER hours are 8-hour shifts, 9 weeks if ER shifts are 12-hour
- 4 weeks of vacation
- 2-month Family Medicine block at end of year 2

Covered over the 2 years

- Academic rounds aligned with the 2-year rotating Academic schedule are mandatory, weekly, and presented on a rotating schedule by all residents
- Monthly Academic days based on the 2-year rotating Academic schedule which include Ethics, Practice guidelines and Therapeutics along with monthly SAMPS and quarterly practice SOOS and OSCEs
- Workshops and courses in EBM, Behavioural Medicine, CBT, Critical Care, CASTED, U/S, Quality and Safety, Social Media, and Resident as Teacher
- Required Life Support Courses: valid BLS and ACLS, completion of NRP, ATLS, ALARM, PALS