Family Medicine

Policies and Guidelines

Residency Policies and Guidelines

University-wide policy has been adopted for the following:


The following residency policies originate in the Office of Postgraduate Medical Education (PME):

Assessment Guidelines

Remediation Guidelines

Policy on Waiver of Training After an Approved Leave of Absence

Academic Appeals Policy

Policy Concerning Supervision of Post Graduate 

Resident (Internal) Transfer Policy

Code of Student Behaviour

The following policies and guidelines originate within the Department of Family Medicine:

Attendance Expectations Policy

Elective Guidelines

Completion of Program Policy

Continuity Policy

Residency Professionalism Policy Safety Policy  

Family Medicine Residency Administration Documents

Residency Program Committee (RPC) Terms of Reference

Residency Operations Committee (ROC) Terms of Reference

Academic Planning Group (APG) Terms of Reference

Distributed Sites Academic Planning Committee (APC) Terms of Reference

Enhanced Skills Residency Program Committee (ES-RPC) Terms of Reference

DAGs Terms of Reference