Integrated Options

The Residency Program provides opportunities for some residents to plan and meet learning objectives of certain rotations at their own pace and in their own way. By integrating an option, residents record and evaluate clinical and academic experiences longitudinally throughout the residency program alongside their block rotations.


By choosing to integrate throughout PGY1 and PGY2, residents may:

Schedule additional elective time during their PGY2, or
Continue to enhance learning by completing the usual four-week rotation during their PGY2
The spirit of integration is to promote or foster an interest in the area of integration, to enhance learning. It is not intended only as a mechanism through which to gain elective time. Educational focus remains family medicine.


Learners schedule their own integrated options activities, although they can ask for assistance with locating resources as necessary. It is imperative that residents choosing integrated activities be independent, self-directed learners willing and able to seek and utilize their own selection of experiences within a general framework. This experience adds to the volume of work and responsibility, so plan accordingly.


Generally, the resident must have a Faculty Advisor or major preceptor that has a focus in the area of integration in order to be successful in completing the requirements
The resident must remain in good standing throughout their integration, including production of timely progress reports and a demonstrated commitment to meeting their family medicine objectives
The Department may recommend that a resident discontinue an integrated option.

Please see the 2019-2020 integrated options information sheets.


Discuss and have interest approved by Faculty Advisor
Complete the integrated learning option application (last page of this document)
Submit the application by July 31 of PGY1
Receive approval, if applicable, by the Residency Program Committee in August of application year
Application status is received from the Department by the end of August
Acceptance of an application for an integrated option may be limited by resources.