Policies and Procedures

Residency Policies and Guidelines

University-wide policy has been adopted for the following:


The following residency policies originate in the Office of Postgraduate Medical Education (PME):

Assessment Guidelines

Remediation Guidelines

Policy on Waiver of Training After an Approved Leave of Absence

Academic Appeals Policy

Policy Concerning Supervision of Post Graduate 

Resident (Internal) Transfer Policy

The following policies originate within the Department of Family Medicine:

Code of Student Behaviour

PARA Letter of Understanding


Elective Guidelines

Completion of Program Policy

Continuity Policy

Patient Confidentiality

Moonlighting Policy

Residency Professionalism Policy

Safety Policy

Special Leave Request Forms (please complete the form specific to your clinic site).

Note: Residents requesting a day(s) off of their assigned rotation for any given reason (stat, teaching, personal day, conference leave,  etc.) MUST ensure this form is completed, signed by the appropriate individuals, and returned to their SITE ADMINISTRATOR at least one month prior to their leave and at least 30 days prior to the start of the rotation.

Grey Nuns Family Medicine Centre
Fort McMurray
Kaye Edmonton Clinic & Justik Medical Clinic
Misericordia Family Medicine Centre
Northeast Community Health Centre
Royal Alexandra Family Medicine Clinic
Westview Physician Collaborative Teaching Site


Family Medicine Residency Administration Documents

Residency Program Committee (RPC) Terms of Reference

Residency Operations Committee (ROC) Terms of Reference

Academic Planning Group (APG) Terms of Reference