Academic Day

There are 24 Full Day Academic Days which are held during the course of the two year family medicine program. The Academic Day curriculum is designed to ensure that each resident, regardless of their site, consistently has a high quality Academic Day experience. There is flexibility to allow each individual site to tailor the Academic Day topics based on their needs and available resources.

Each site will hold 24 Academic Days in a two year rotating cycle. Each Academic Day is focused on one or two topics:

  • 12 mandatory core topics (6 per year) - Child and Adolescent health, Maternity Care, Care of the elderly, Care of Aboriginal Populations, Palliative Medicine, Care of Marginalized Populations
  • 12 remaining topics are left to the discretion of the sites - content should be tailored to complement the clinical learning activities of the residents - one or more topics may be covered in an Academic Day (such as ophthalmology and otolaryngology)

Content Delivery

  • Must utilize a variety of teaching methods (didactic, small group learning etc.) E.g. 2+ hours didactic learning, 2+ hours small group learning
  • Residents need to be involved in the delivery of content to develop effective teaching skills (such as resident presentations or leading small group learning)
  • Residents must be freed from any clinical duties to attend this mandatory activity, this includes being     post-call to attend Academic Day (For those absent, i.e. distant rural locations or vacation, Academic Day material is available for self-learning.)

Exam Preparation

At each monthly AHD, all residents write practice exam questions (SAMPs) as prepared by the Program. In first year, residents are introduced to Practice Simulated Office Oral exams (SOO's) during their Behavioural Medicine Course. In second year, 2-3 SOO practice exam workshops are held. Family Medicine Benchmark exams are held every year in November to provide residents with feedback to guide their studying.


Academic Day Contacts

Chris Koo, Coordinator
Lauren Eastman, Coordinator
Phone: 780-492-6628