Research Opportunities

All residents are required to complete a Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) project in each year to develop skills required to implement the process of quality assessment and improvement in the practice setting. Residents interested in developing research skills have the additional optional opportunity to do a research project. The research project is supervised by a faculty member.

Residents have the opportunity to do a research elective in either the first or second year of the residency program. During year 1, the research elective is offered as a 2-week horizontal elective, while in year 2 it is a 6-week horizontal elective. The research elective can be adapted to the needs of the resident.

The Family Medicine Research Day occurs each year in June. Faculty members and residents have the opportunity to present their scholarly work (oral presentation and posters). Attendance at Research day is mandatory for residents.

A monthly Resident Research Evening is organized by the Research Director to assist those residents interested in pursuing research / scholarly activities in greater scope. The focus of the sessions is on the resident's individual scholarly interests and needs. Various faculty members also attend.

The Research Committee of the Department is comprised of faculty and resident representation (one first year and one second year resident representative). The committee meets monthly during September to June and acts as a resource to family medicine residents on matters related to research and scholarly activity.