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Welcome to the Family Medicine Residency Program - Edmonton at the University of Alberta.

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Dr. Michelle Morros
Program Director

Erika Siroski
Program Coordinator


Dr. Michelle Morros
Program Director

Our Program

Edmonton is the urban family medicine training stream within the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. We are dynamic, flexible and innovative. We are family friendly, active and supportive. Our program listens to the concerns of our residents, faculty, patients and communities to better our learning environments and health programs as needed. We value comprehensive care, integrated experiences and are in the business of making lasting relationships based on continuity and collaboration. Edmonton, the capital of Alberta is situated on the North Saskatchewan River and has a population of just under one million (1.8 million including the surrounding areas). Summer is amazing here with our beautiful river valley and summer festivals. Edmonton is home to North America’s oldest and largest Fringe Festival and the Edmonton Folk Music Festival is recognized as one of the best in the world. And yes, it’s cold in the winter but Edmonton embraces winter! Our residents walk, skate, ski and yes, even bike! throughout the winter.

Program Highlights

Family Medicine centred with 6 months family medicine block time in PGY1; 5 months urban/rural family medicine in PGY2 and Bi-weekly return to your home clinic throughout the two years (continuity clinics)
Rigorous and comprehensive with mandatory acute care rotations to challenge and build confidence and integrated maternity and newborn care to enhance continuity of care
Your training will include amazing rural opportunities (your second year can be almost entirely rural!), optional integrated programming and a wide array of block time Horizontals and electives

Resident Wellness is our priority including a dedicated Assistant Program Director for Resident Support to help our residents succeed

Training at the U of A is FUN (wilderness medicine retreat, yearly resident retreat)  and practical (practice management workshops and procedural skills workshops

Residency  and Practicing in Alberta is well supported with Electronic medical records, Netcare, Connect Care, and Primary Care networks

Residency at a Glance

Learn about each year of the program with an overview of each year.

  • Family Medicine Blocktime (Women's Health Integrated) - 24 weeks
  • Internal Medicine - 8 weeks
  • CCU - 4 weeks
  • Pediatrics ER - 4 weeks
  • Pediatrics - 4 weeks
  • Emergency - 4 weeks
  • Vacation - 4 weeks

In the second year, 20 weeks of Family Medicine block time may be spent with either urban or rural based community family physician(s). A minimum of 8 weeks of rural family medicine is required.

  • Family Medicine 16-20 weeks (minimum 8 weeks rural)
  • Geriatrics - 4 weeks **
  • Emergency - 4 weeks
  • General Surgery - 4 weeks
  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) or Ortho - 4 weeks 
  • Palliative Care - 2 weeks **
  • Psychiatry - 4 weeks **
  • Electives/Selectives (listed below) - 6-12 weeks
  • Vacation - 4 weeks

** unless completing an integration

Additional Information

Two clinical full days back when not on block time for PGY1 and PGY2

Selectives can include: Family Medicine, Obstetrics, Primary Care Obstetrics, Intensive Care (ICU), Family Medicine Hospital or In-patient Team, Palliative Care, Inner City Medicine, Anesthesia, Long Term Care and others as approved individually.

Electives are chosen individually by each resident with the guidance of the resident's faculty advisor. They may include interprovincial and international experiences. Electives can include but are not limited to: Dermatology, Sports Medicine, Rheumatology, ER, Child Psychiatry, Cardiology, Diabetic Care, Ophthalmology, Plastics, Urology, etc.

Teaching Hospitals

The family medicine program utlizes a number of different teaching hospitals and locations across Alberta.

Check Out All Our Learning Sites

UAH and STARS helicopter

  • Grey Nuns Family Medicine Centre
  • MacEwan University Health Centre
  • Misericordia Family Medicine Centre
  • Northeast Family Medicine Centre
  • Kaye Edmonton Clinic Family Medicine Clinic
  • Justik Medical Clinic Family Medicine Clinic
  • Westview Community Teaching Sites in Spruce Grove. 
  • Community teaching sites (including those in St. Albert, Leduc, south Edmonton and Meadowlark areas) affiliate with core sites for administration and academic activity. 
  • Maternity Stream: Based at Heritage Medical clinic (all residents get Primary Care Obstetrics exposure).  
  • Inner City Stream: Based at Boyle McCauley Health Centre
  • Westview, Leduc and St. Albert sites are considered suburban or rural-like in their settings, utilize their local community hospitals, and each is located within a 15 minute commute from the city boundaries
  • Rural communities across central and northern Alberta as well as the Northwest Territories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do residents get around? - Are residents required to drive around the city?
Residents are required to drive as rotations can be all over the city or the surrounding community.
What is the call schedule like?
According to PARA home call is on a one-in-three (1:3) basis.  This varies with FM blocktime though as the residents can complete their 7 or 9 home call shifts in a row.
Do Residents do all of their rotations at their assigned sites?

No, not all rotations are available at every site.

Resident Testimonials

We asked our residents what they like about Edmonton, their highlights of the program, and one piece of advice for applicants about the interview process. Here is what a few of them had to say.


Joshua Beierle

What do you like about Edmonton?
The Preceptors are fantastic (really invested in your learning and care about your general well being) and the Administration staff are phenomenal.

What are the highlights of the program for you:
I like how rigorous it is - the IM and CCU rotations, though daunting, really build confidence in clinical decision making.

What is one piece of advice that you want to share with applicants about the interview process: Spend some time reflecting on what you are looking for from a program (outside of location) and then be yourself - don't try to impress anyone, just be authentic.

– Dr. Joshua Beierle (R1, Edmonton)



What do you like about Edmonton:
Edmonton is a truly friendly & diverse city to live in. It's also sunny most days, people here are on average really kind, and there's an amazing river valley/trail network that runs through the whole city.

What are the highlights of the program for you:
Edmonton's program has a strong mix of rotations to help you become a competent, well-rounded family physician. The vast majority of preceptors I've worked with here, including off-service preceptors, have been helpful, supportive and generous with their teaching. Our program director, Dr. Chmelicek, is incredibly reasonable and supportive (this makes such a big difference to the residency experience). Our annual wilderness medicine retreat is confidence-building & lots of fun!

What is one piece of advice that you want to share with applicants about the interview process:
If you can, try to figure out before the interview period what characteristics you will most value in a residency program (academics, rotation design, call, closeness to friends/family, etc.). Then, during each school's interview process, try to talk to a resident to learn information specific to these characteristics and don't get overwhelmed by all the other, extraneous information. I even scored all the programs on each characteristic and put the scores in a spreadsheet to help with my ranking.

– Dr. Cara Bergen (R2, Edmonton)


Mahabba Smoka

What do you like about Edmonton:

  1. I love the beauty of the Edmonton river valley, both in summer and winter!
  2. I am a big fan of Edmonton's food scene... so many amazing bakeries, independent coffee shops and innovative restaurants to satisfy my taste buds!
  3. I enjoy the proximity of the mountains! It's so easy to sneak in a weekend getaway for a little R&R!

What are the highlights of the program for you:

  1. I love the flexibility of our program! There are so many diverse clinical experiences to choose from that can be tailored to a particular area of interest. 
  2. There is a good balance of acute care and community medicine! This has enabled me to feel comfortable and confident to work in any setting upon graduation. 
  3. The people!! They make you feel at home even when you're miles away from home :) 

What is one piece of advice that you want to share with applicants about the interview process:

There are many fantastic Family Medicine programs across the country. As important as it is to choose a program with a strong educational curriculum, don't neglect other key aspects! Residency is a challenging journey and you will want to place yourself in an environment where you can thrive. In addition to the strength of our program's academia, there is a great emphasis placed on resident wellbeing. I have always found myself supported by the fantastic faculty and staff that UofA boasts and am thankful for my decision to pursue residency here! 

– Dr. Mahabba Smoka (R2, Edmonton)


resident testimonial

What do you like about Edmonton:
Close relationship with the faculty advisor and team at the clinic. Very supportive program. Time to see, examine patients, and plenty of space to do procedures in clinic too!

What are the highlights of the program for you:
The team! Such an incredible program director and entire team so focused on your success and wellbeing.

What is one piece of advice that you want to share with applicants about the interview process:
Be yourself so you can find your new home for the next two years!

– Dr. Dalal Awwad (R2, Edmonton)