Care of the Elderly Research

Program of Research 

The research areas of the faculty members include the following:

1. Health Service Delivery for Seniors

  • Seniors Community Hub (Seniors care in primary care)
  • Geriatric Evaluation and Management in the Emergency Department
  • Geriatric Home Assessments and Interventions

2. Transportation Mobility of Seniors

3. Stigma and Dementia; Identification of Mental Health Disorders in Seniors

4. Core Competencies in the Care of the Elderly

5. Decision-Making Capacity Assessment

6. Support for caregivers

7. Large Data-Set Research on Dementia and Acute Care

The Division provides research support to its residents. Residents perform chart reviews, quality improvement projects, and systematic reviews on a variety of clinical interests, including polypharmacy, hospital-acquired pneumonia, inappropriate urinary catheterization, and dementia management.

Research Activities of Division Members

A listing of research activities of division members is provided in their biographies on under Division Members page.

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Care of the Elderly Research
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Jean Triscott, Division Director

Peter Tian, Research Coordinator