Centre for Health and Culture

The Centre for Health and Culture is a non-profit organization established at the University of Alberta to study multicultural health developments and issues. Grant funding is the primary vehicle for our ongoing work and direction. We develop programs and research projects in partnership with other health and social research-related institutions.

Centre Philosophy and Values

The Centre for Health and Culture adopted the World Health Organization's (1946) longstanding philosophy statement to articulate the Centre's values:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Centre Goals

  • To research the relationship between culture, medicine, and health.

  • To explore cultural diversity as it engages the Canadian healthcare system.

  • To provide training for professionals in cultural competence and intercultural understanding.

The Centre for Health and Culture (CHC) began in 1984 as "The Project for the Study of Traditional Healing Practices" at the University of Alberta under the direction of Dr. David Young. In 1990, the University officially recognized the CHC as an interdisciplinary research project. In 1992, the University approved changing the status of the project to a Centre and in 2000, the CHC became part of the Family Medicine Research Program.

Centre Staff and Research Associates

A multidisciplinary team of academics, healthcare professionals, graduate students, and community members share a commitment to the analysis of health and healing from a pluralist perspective.

Organizational Structure

The Centre for Health and Culture is a member of the University of Alberta community, that operates under the jurisdiction of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.

Dr. Jean Triscott, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, Co-Director
Dr. Donna Wilson, Faculty of Nursing, Co-Director
Dr. Earle Waugh, Director Emeritus