Recent Research Publications

December 2019


Moe GC, Moe JES and Bailey AL. Evaluating the implementation of collaborative teams in community family practice using the Primary Care Assessment Tool  Canadian Family Physician.

December 2019, 65 (12) e515-e522


Parmar J, Anderson S, Abbasi M, Ahmadinejad S, Bremault-Phillips S, Chan, K, Charles, L, Dobbs B, Khera SA, Stickney-Lee J, Tian PGJ. Support for Family Caregivers: A scoping review of family physicians perspectives on their role in supporting family caregivers. Health and Social Care December 2019, 00:1-18

November 2019


Garies S, Cummings M, Forst B, McBrien K, Soos B, Taylor M, Drummond N, Manca D, Duerksen K, Quan H, Williamson T. Achieving quality primary care data: A description of the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network data capture, extraction, and processing in Alberta. International Journal of Population Data Science 2019; 4(2): 02.

Xu P, Hu YY, Yuan HY, Xiang DX, Zhou YG, Cave AJ, Banh HL. The impact of a training program on clinical pharmacists on pharmacy clinical services in a tertiary hospital in Hunan China. Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2019; 12: 975-980. 

Bell NR, Thériault G, Singh H, Grad R. Measuring what really matters: Screening in primary care. Canadian Family Physician 2019; 65(11):790-795. 

Dickinson JA, Grad R, Wilson BJ, Bell NR, Singh H, Thériault G. Quality of screening mammography. Canadian Family Physician 2019; 65(11): 769-771. 

Pham A, Cummings M, Lindeman C, Drummond N, Williamson T. Recognizing misclassification bias in research and medical practice. Family Practice 2019; 36(6): 804–807. 

Fritsch P, Kolber MR, Korownyk C. Topical treatments for rosacea. Canadian Family Physician 2019; 65(11):803. [Tools for Practice

Schipper S. What drew me to family medicine continues to make our field special today. Canadian Family Physician 2019; 65(11): 845. [President's Message

Khera S, Abbasi M, Dabravolskaj J, Sadowski CA, Yua H, Chevalier B. Appropriateness of medications in older adults living with frailty: Impact of a pharmacist-led structured medication review process in primary care. Journal of Primary Care & Community Health 2019; 10: 1-8.


October 2019


Emery C, Palacios-Derflingher L, Black AM, Eliason P, Krolikowski M, Spencer N, Kozak S, Schneider K, Babul S, Mrazik M, Lebrun CM, Goulet C, Macpherson A, Hagel BE. Does disallowing body checking in non-elite 13- to 14-year-old ice hockey leagues reduce rates of injury and concussion? A cohort study in two Canadian provinces. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2019; Sep 6. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2019-101092. [Epub ahead of print] 


Rashid M, Guo Q, Babenko O. The influence of students’ perceptions of learning environment on coping with academic challenges: A structural equation modeling study. Teaching and Learning in Medicine 2019; Sep 20. doi: 10.1080/10401334.2019.1667241. [Epub ahead of print]. 


Liang L, Hou X, Bainey KR, Zhang Y, Tymchak W, Qi Z, Li W, Banh HL. The association between hyperuricemia and coronary artery calcification development: A systematic review and meta‐analysis. Clinical Cardiology 2019; 1– 8. Sep 30. doi: 10.1002/clc.23266. [Epub ahead of print]. 


Aubrey-Bassler K, Fernandes C, Penney C, Cullen R, Meaney C, Sopcak N, Campbell-Scherer D, Moineddin R, Baxter J, Krueger P, Wilson M, Pike A, Grunfeld E, Manca D. The effectiveness of a proven chronic disease prevention and screening intervention in diverse and remote primary care settings: An implementation study on the BETTER 2 Program. BJGP Open 2019; 3(3): bjgpopen19X101656.


Bello AK, Ronksley PE, Tangri N, Kurzawa J, Osman MA, Singer A, Grill AK, Nitsch D, Queenan JA, Wick J, Lindeman C, Soos B, Tuot DS, Shojai S, Brimble KS, Mangin D, Drummond N. Quality of Chronic Kidney Disease Management in Canadian Primary Care. JAMA Network Open 2019; 2(9): e1910704. 


Hoben M, Chamberlain SA, Gruneir A, Knopp-Sihota JA, Sutherland JM, Poss JW, Doupe MB, Bergstrom V, Norton PG, Schalm C, McCarthy K, Kashuba K, Ackah F, Estabrooks CA. Nursing home length of stay in 3 Canadian health regions: Temporal trends, jurisdictional differences, and associated factors. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association 2019; 20(9): 1121-1128. 


Howard M, Langevin J, Bernard C, Tan A, Klein D, Slaven M, Barwich D, Elston D, Arora N, Heyland DK. Primary care clinicians’ confidence, willingness participation and perceptions of roles in advance care planning discussions with patients: A multi-site survey. Family Practice 2019; Sep 19. doi: 10.1093/fampra/cmz050. [Epub ahead of print]. 


Perry D, Ton J, Kolber MR. Biosimilars versus biologics for inflammatory conditions. Canadian Family Physician 2019; 65(9): 636. [Tools for Practice] 


Wilson DM, Triscott JAC, Cohen J, MacLeod R. Educational needs of healthcare professionals and members of the general public in Alberta Canada, 2 years after the implementation of medical assistance in dying. Health and Social Care in the Community 2019; 27: 1295– 1302. 


Pham A, Drummond N, Voaklander D, Wagg A, Lindeman C. Preventability Of Dementia In Primary Care Settings. Innovation in Aging 2019; 3(Suppl 1): S115-S116. [Abstract


Moe S, Ton J, Allan GM. Top 10 self learning articles from 2017. Canadian Family Physician 2019; 65(10): 711-716. 


Moe S, Kirkwood J, Allan GM. Incidence of iatrogenic opioid use disorder. Canadian Family Physician 2019; 65(10): 724. [Tools for Practice


Luig T, Keenan L, Campbell-Scherer DL. Transforming health experience and action through shifting the narrative on obesity in primary care encounters. Qualitative Health Research 2019; Oct 16. doi: 10.1177/1049732319880551. [Epub ahead of print] 


Campbell-Scherer D. Evidence from large Danish cohort does not support an association between the MMR vaccine and autism: Facts in a post-truth world. BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine 2019; 24(5): 198-199. [Verdict


Pop P, Bronskill SE, Piggott KL, Stall NM, Savage RD, Visentin JD, McCarthy LM, Giannakes V, Wu W, Gruneir A, Gatley JM, Rochon PA. Management of sleep disorders in community-dwelling older women and men at the time of diagnosis. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 2019; 67(10): 2094-2101. 


Grohs MN, Reynolds JE, Liu J, Martin JW, Pollock T, Lebel C, Dewey D; APrON Study Team [Manca D]. Prenatal maternal and childhood bisphenol a exposure and brain structure and behavior of young children. Environmental Health 2019; 18(1): 85. 


Duggleby W, Ploeg J, McAiney C, Fisher K, Jovel Ruiz K, Ghosh S, Peacock S, Markle-Reid M, Williams A, Triscott J, Swindle J. A comparison of users and nonusers of a web-based intervention for carers of older persons with alzheimer disease and related dementias: Mixed methods secondary analysis. Journal of Medical Internet Research 2019; 21(10): e14254.