Working Papers

Alberta School of Business

Felipe Aguerrevere

  • Managerial Risk Aversion and Corporate Risk Management: Evidence from U.S. Oil and Gas Producers, with Xuequn Wang 

  • The Role of Learning in Corporate Hedging Behavior, with Xuequn Wang 

  • Storage and the Pricing of Commodity Futures 

  • Irreversible Investment with Time to Build. (Doctoral Program Outstanding Research Paper Award (1997), The Anderson School at UCLA) 

  • Irreversible Investment, Competition and The Term Structure of Commodity Futures Prices 

Efstathios Avdis

  • Information Trade-o s in Dynamic Financial Markets, Job Market Paper.

  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Equity Premium, with J. Wachter, Working Paper.

Ying Duan

Aditya Kaul

  • "Inelastic supply of derivative securities: Evidence from the option markets," with R.M. Edelen (Wharton).

  • "Demand curves for stocks do slope down: Evidence from an index weights readjustment," with V. Mehrotra and R. Morck (University of Alberta).

  • "Market activity before volatile periods: A reassessment of the non-trading risk hypothesis."

  • "Private Information, Noisy Prices, and Trading: A Closer Look."

Egor Matveyev

  • How do firms and directors choose each other? Evidence from two-sided matching model, 2012 

  • The relation between CEO and director compensation: Cronyism or Meritocracy”, 2011 

David McLean

Vikas Mehrotra

  • Location and Excess Comovement, with Aditya Kaul and Carmen Stefanescu, University of Alberta School of Business Working Paper, 2012.

  • Ruling out suspects in the January Effect Line-up: Evidence from NYSE Archival Data, with Blake Phillips and Randall Morck, 2012. 

  • Exit and Transitions in Family Control and Ownership in Post-War Japan, with Morten Bennedsen, Jungwook Shim and Yupana Wiwattanakantang, 2012. 

Randall Morck

Lukas Roth

  • Shareholder Voting and Corporate Governance Around the World, 2013, with Peter Iliev, Karl Lins, and Darius Miller, Revise and Resubmit at Review of Financial Studies.

  • Soft Information and Disclosure Reliability: Evidence from Debt Issuances, 2013, with David Reeb, Under 2nd  Round Review at The Accounting Review.

Akiko Watanabe

Masahiro Watanabe

Mengxin Zhao

Haskayne School of Business

Alexander David:

  • Exploration Activity, Long Run Decisions, and Roll Returns in Energy Futures, November 2013

KJ Choi

  • Mirrlees Meets Modigliani-Miller: Double Taxation and Capital Structure, 2012 Oct, working paper

  • Optimal Contracts under Capital Accumulation, 2013, working paper

  • Business Partnerships without Commitment (with J. Lee), 2013, working paper 

  • A Continuous-Time Consumption and Investment Problem under Endogenous Liquidity Constraints, (with B. H., Lim, H. K. Koo, and J. Yoo), 2014, working paper

  • Time Horizon Effect on Real Investment Decisions, (with M. Kwak), 2013, working paper

  • Optimal Consumption and Investment under Relative Liquidity Constraints, (with S. Ahn and B. Lim), 2014, working paper

  • A Simple Asset Pricing Model with Heterogeneous Agents, Uninsurable Labor Income and Limited Stock Market Participation, (with S. Ahn and B. Lim), 2014, working paper

  • Time Preference and Risk Attitude toward Idiosyncratic Risk of Real Investment Opportunity" (with M. Kwak and G. Shim), 2014, working paper

  • Reputational Lending and Financial Crises, (with C. Azariadis), 2011