Finance and Statistical Analysis

CFA Student Scholarship

CFA Program University Student Scholarship


As a Program Partner of the CFA Institute, the Alberta School of Business can recommend scholarships for up to 10 students per exam year. The current exam year covers the December 2017 and June 2018 sittings of the CFA exams.

The Department of Finance and Statistical Analysis's process for dealing with recommendations for the June 2018 sitting of the exam is as follows:

  • You send the completed form, along with a CV/Resume and transcripts to, copying, deadline: 3pm on 19 January 2018. The School's deadline is before that of the CFA Institute, as the department chair needs time to review the applications. DO NOT submit applications prior to one week before our posted deadline.

  * Please ensure you submit three (3) separate files in PDF. One for application, one for cv and one with all required transcripts.

  * Please ensure that your files are named: YourName_Application, YourName_CV, and YourName_Transcripts.


  • The department chair reviews all applications and recommends those he deems worthy to the CFA Institute. The ultimate decision to grant scholarships is in the hands of the CFA Institute.


As soon as information is available it is posted to this page, please check back for updates.


  • Applications will not be reviewed until after the school's deadline date, noted above. Thus, if you wish to apply, please submit your package within one week of the school's deadline date, not before.
  • Those wanting to apply for a scholarship for the June 2018 exam sitting should check back with the department no earlier than 1 January 2018 for an updated process. Do not submit your package at this time, wait until the week before the posted deadline.
  • Our policy is to recommend only one scholarship per student per level. If you are still eligible for a scholarship when you are attempting Level 2, we will consider a scholarship recommendation at that time.
  • The Business Undergraduate Office has no connection with this scholarship. 
  • For more information regarding the program, please see CFA Institute Scholarship website. Any questions regarding the scholarship program itself must be directed to the CFA.