Finance and Statistical Analysis

Finance Working Papers

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[Paper No./AUTHOR/Title/Date]

  • 2-08 KAUL, Aditya, Vikas MEHROTRA and Blake PHILLIPS, "What determines the success of cross-listings in the U.S.?" October 2008.

  • 1-08 BEASON, Dick, Ken GORDON, Vikas MEHROTRA and Akiko WATANABE, "Does Restructuring Pay in Japan? Evidence Following the Lost Decade," July 2008.

  • 1-00 MEHROTRA, Vikas, Wayne MIKKELSON and Megan PARTCH, "The Design of Financial Policies in Corporate Spinoffs," June 2000.

  • 2-98 MORCK, Randall and Bernard YEUNG, "Why Firms Diversify: Internalization vs. Agency Behavior," March 1998.

  • 5-97 MORCK, Randall and Bernard YEUNG, "Why Investors Sometimes Value Size and Diversification: The Internalization Theory on Synergy," September 1997.

  • 3-97 HUSON, Mark R., "Does governance matter? Evidence from CalPERS interventions," July 1997.

  • 2-97 HUSON, Mark, Youngsoo KIM and Vikas C. MEHROTRA, "Did Decimalization Benefit Members of the Toronto Stock Exchange?" July 1997.

  • 1-97 HUSON, Mark, Youngsoo KIM and Vikas MEHROTRA, "Decimal Quotes, Market Quality, And Competition For Order Flow: Evidence From The Toronto Stock Exchange," March 1997.

  • 2-96 MORCK, Randall and Bernard YEUNG, "Financial Regulation in the Global Economy as Property Rights," November 1996.