CFA Program University Student Scholarship

As a Program Partner of the CFA Institute, the Alberta School of Business can recommend scholarships each exam year. Currently there are four available for the December exam and four available for the June exam.

  • Complete the application on the CFA's website. The deadline for students to submit applications is August 4, 2020 for the December 2020 exam.

Begin Application

NOTE: When you get to the "Attachments" section of the application, we require that you upload your CV and your transcripts.

  • Following the student deadline, the department chair reviews all applications and recommends those he deems worthy (major, GPA) to the CFA Institute. The department does not contact applicants. All communication following the application submission will be from the CFA and the ultimate decision to grant scholarships is in the hands of the CFA Institute.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by the CFA.

Student Guide to Scholarships

Our Policies

  • Our policy is to recommend only one scholarship per student per level. If you are still eligible for a scholarship when you are attempting Level 2, we will consider a scholarship recommendation at that time.
  • Applications are not reviewed until after the student deadline.
  • For an application to be considered, it must contain all information and follow all instructions from above. (CV and transcripts must be attached to the application)

The Business Undergraduate Office or Master's Program Office have no connection with this scholarship. Please DO NOT contact them with questions.

For more information regarding the program, please see CFA Institute Scholarship website. Any questions regarding the scholarship program itself must be directed to the CFA.