Logistic Services

Receiving, Delivery, Shipping/Courier, Mail, Moving and Point-to-Point Delivery


Phone: 780-492-3228 Email: receiving@ualberta.ca

The University of Alberta uses a central receiving model that receives, at the Materials Management Building, all types of supplies, equipment, furniture, chemicals and cylinders for the entire campus. All items are tracked in a central system and confirmed upon delivery. If you are attempting to acquire information relating to an inbound shipment, contact Receiving with a courier tracking number, supplier and contact information.

Shipping (Courier), Receiving and Distribution Procedure


Phone: 780-492-3228 Email: receiving@ualberta.ca

Delivery of all supplies, equipment, furniture, chemicals and cylinders are performed on a daily basis. The expected turnaround time from the moment it is received within our building is 24 hours. All time sensitive shipments are delivered the same day unless other arrangements have been made.

Shipping (Courier), Receiving and Distribution Procedure


Phone: 780-492-4121 or 780-492-2739 Email: shipping@ualberta.ca

The University of Alberta uses all major courier and freight companies to transport over 20,000 shipments to worldwide destinations each year. Our shipping department has expertise relating to dangerous goods, perishable shipments, cross border shipments and all types of equipment. We can provide guidance to preparing these types of shipments to facilitate the efficient movement off campus. For further information, refer to the Customs Import, Export and Permit Procedure, or click on the Customs link on the left hand listing.

Shipping Instructions

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Declaration for Dangerous Goods - Air

Declaration for Dangerous Goods - Ground

Shipping (Courier), Receiving and Distribution Procedure

Customs Import, Export and Permit Procedure


Phone: 780-492-3231 Email: smsmail@ualberta.ca

Distribution Services provides the University with mail delivery of campus and federal mail. All federal mail is delivered at 7:00 am from Canada Post; it is sorted and combined with campus mail for delivery to over 300 stops on campus. Courier items are delivered to Distribution Services throughout the day from all courier companies. Items are received, processed and distributed to campus through our mail system.

Upon delivery, any campus mail, courier documents and outgoing mail (off-campus) is picked up. It is returned to Supply Management Services, sorted and distributed. All items picked up by our staff require active speed codes for both metered mail (on chit slips - pink for Canada, yellow for US, green for international) and courier items, along with the correct delivery address and signature approval. Other services provided include Priority Courier, Registered Mail, XpressPost and Business Reply mail.


Phone: 780-492-4122 Email: dispatcher@ualberta.ca

Distribution Services provides campus with a moving service that is available for office, lab and furniture moves. This service is available on a cost recovery basis; the rate is $85.00/hour, which provides two movers and a truck. Staff can move all types of equipment including filing cabinets, fume-hoods, fridges and freezers. This service should be booked in advance (a minimum of 1 - 5 working days is recommended) by contacting the Dispatcher via email at dispatcher@ualberta.ca. The vehicle can be booked for a full or a portion of a day to move internally or from building to building. Vendors are contracted to move items that require specialized equipment. This can also be arranged through the dispatch office.

Moving Instructions

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Moving and Warehouse Services Procedure

Point-to-Point Delivery

Phone: 780-492-4122 Email: dispatcher@ualberta.ca

Point to point delivery is available on campus on a cost recovery basis. Items that require movement from one point to another point on campus can be booked through the dispatch office. This type of work is subject to the hourly rates and is available daily. A typical rate for a small delivery on campus is $10.00.

Transportation Order System Online Statements