List of All GLJEs

List of all General Ledger Journal Entries (GLJE) by Mask

The following is an alphabetical list of all GLJE masks (the first characters of the journal Id), the purpose of the transaction and contact information if you have any questions about a specific GLJE.

Please note: The use of "x" at the end of a mask (e.g. APx) denotes that the Accounts Payable (AP) module may generate more than one mask (e.g. APP, APV) to identify specific transactions within the module. However, for user purposes (and this list) the only distinction of note is that these transactions are from the AP module.

Mask Processing Unit Purpose Contact
ACR FPP Financial Reporting GLJE Request for accrual of services or products.
AMx FPP Financial Reporting Capital assets. 
ANZ FPP Financial Reporting Capital asset amortization. 
APx Finance Services in Shared Services Accounts payable (AP) payment of goods and services. Visit the Staff Service Centre
ARx Finance Services in Shared Services Accounts receivable (AR) Visit the Staff Service Centre
ASF FO Ancillary Services Rentals, common area, consulting, allocation of expense recoveries & revenue, asset/liability transactions, transfer to/from reserves.
BEN FPP Financial Reporting Employee future benefit liabilities. 
BIL Finance Services in Shared Services External billings to customers. Visit the Staff Service Centre
BNK FPP Financial Reporting Point of sale fees, credit card merchant fees other banking related fees.
CAS FPP Financial Reporting Capital project funding transfers, mortgage funding, amortization, in-kind donations, gain/loss on disposals. 
CAx RSO Research Services Office Revenue for sponsored research projects.
CCR FO Support and Recreation Services Financial transactions for Campus and Community Recreation, such as external registrations processed by IntelliLeisure.

CER Financial Services in Shared Services Non-credit tuition revenue from CERegister

CFS Finance Services in Shared Services Self-assessment and remittance of Workers Compensation Board (WCB) fees for all payments made to Contractors without an active WCB account. Visit the Staff Service Centre
CLS RSO Research Services Office Close research projects and other adjustments that cannot be processed in the PS Contracts module.
CRC PROV Office of the Provost To move a portion of the Canada Research Chairs (CRC) salary expense.To claw back (where applicable) grant funds where base budget was provided.
CSH Finance Services in Shared Services Cashier department deposits. Visit the Staff Service Centre
DON VPER Advancement Services Donations and bequests received.
DST Finance Services in Shared Services Metered mail charges for off campus mail.
END FPP Financial Reporting Endowment spending allocation, capitalize 1st year spending allocation (per Spending Policy), endowment fair value. 
EXx Finance Services in Shared Services Travel and expense claims. Visit the Staff Service Centre
FEE Finance Services in Shared Services Student tuition and fees that cannot be processed in PS Campus Solutions (CS). Visit the Staff Service Centre
FSK FPP Financial Reporting GLJE Request for specific transactions. 
GAS FPP Financial Reporting Reclassifications between chart of accounts, GST self-assessment. 
HRS HRHSE Salary and benefit accounting entries that cannot be processed in PS HCM such as payroll deductions, over payment recoveries and transfers for TEEF and TABS.
ICR RSO Research Services Office Indirect cost recovery on research projects, including those that cannot be processed in the PS Grants module.
INT FPP Investments & Treasury Interest allocations as per university policies.
INV FPP Financial Reporting Investment income. 
JOB FO Physical Plant Charges for repairs and maintenance, contract services, etc. on campus.
KSR KSR Athletics and Recreation Facility rentals and program fees.
LTD FPP Investments & Treasury Debt repayments (principal and interest).
PYx Finance Services in Shared Services Salary and benefits, salary and benefit adjustments. Staff Service Centre
PRK CS Parking Services Parking charges, repairs and maintenance of parking facilities.

RCL RSO Research Services Office Research project revenue corrections relating to incorrect coding of sponsor Id that cannot be corrected in PS Grants module. These transactions have net $0 impact to the research project.
RET FPP Financial Reporting Capital asset retirement.
RMS FPP Risk Management & Insurance Distribution of insurance proceeds for repairs or replacement costs and recovery of insurance deductibles.

RPB FPP Resource Planning Allocation of base/temp/carryforward budget amounts (43xxxx).
RSK RSO Research Services Office GLJE Request for specific research transactions.
RSO RSO Research Services Office Research project transactions that cannot be processed in the PS Contracts module and over expenditure chargebacks.
or SAL
Internal sales Sales/purchases of services and products between University of Alberta units.

See table below

See table below
SAO RO Student Awards Office Process top up allocations of scholarship, awards, medal and prizes for undergraduate students.
SAS Finance Services in Shared Services Tuition and fee revenue. Visit the Staff Service Centre
SSF FO Shared Services Facilities Insurance premiums, departmental admin fee and safety allocations.
UBG FO Support and Recreation Services Fees for Botanic Garden Services and Rentals

UT2 FO Utilities Process adjustment to cost of goods sold (COGS) relating to Off-Campus Utilities (e.g. power, gas electrical and Steam Turbine Generator gas to power utility).
VPA PROV Office of the Provost Allocate funds for International fee differential and revenue from Coursera.

Internal Sales

Sales/purchases of services and products between University of Alberta units

Journal ID is comprised of: SALE or SAL plus a unit ID plus a number.

Example: SALE ADC052

If you need to contact the processing unit, you would look up the unit ID in the list below - in this example " ADC"

Unit ID Selling Unit Purpose Contact
ADC VPER Advertising, printing costs.
ADI MED AB Diabetes Research Inst Supplies, sample analysis, shared facilities and equipment fees, lab support services.
ADV VPER Advancement Services Ticket sales, ad sales, frames sales.
AFM ALES Finance Various products and services, printing costs, AFNS Stores.
ART ART Dean of Arts Arts Resource Centre, Timms Centre, Art Store, Arts units.

ATH SS Athletics and Recreation Medical supplies, training services, fitness testing.
AUG AUG Administration General Rentals, leases.
BCH MED Biochemistry DNA Synthesis Fees, NANUC Facility Fees.
BKS CS Bookstore Bookstore (books, merchandise).
BSC SCI Biological Sciences BIOSCI stores, MBSU facility, BIOTRON, fabrication/ instrumentation workshops, printing, photocopying.
BST Procurement Biochemistry Stores Biochemistry Stores
BUS BUS Alumni and Events Business store, room rental, printing, photocopy, telephone charges.
CHE SCI Chemistry Chemistry Shops, Labs and Stores supplies and services.
CTL PROV Office of the Provost Revenue for Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Services
DEN MED Dentistry Dental lab supplies, services and analysis; Dentistry store; office supplies.
DOM MED Dept of Medicine Lab supplies, biological specimens, sample analysis, office supplies, services.
EAS SCI Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Sample analysis services, photocopy, office supplies.
EDU EDU Education Tech Services Education technology services, rentals.
ENG ENG Engineering Internal billing for Machine Shop supplies and services, Lab supplies and services, Nanofab Lab usage, license fee, computing support and IT services printing and copying, sample analysis, shared facility and equipment usage. Note: prior to April 2020, these transactions used the CME, ECE or MEC unit IDs.
FOM MED Dean Administration Lab supplies, services, analysis, biological specimens, shared facilities and equipment, office supplies.
FWS MED FOMD Cores & Workshop Billings for the FoMD Cores and Faculty workshop.
HRS HRHSE HRS programs such as staff learning and development opportunities.
HSC HSC Health Sciences Council Services provided by Health Sciences Education Research Commons (HSERC), administration of the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA), photocopy, supplies, materials.
IST IST Client Services IST services and products.
LAS MED Health Sciences Lab Animal Services Various products and services provided by Health Sciences Lab Animal Service (HSLAS).


LDS MED Learning Design Studio Services provided by the LDS Office for various FoMD departments.
LIB LS Library Financial Systems and Analysis Used books.
LKS Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology Containment Level 3 (CL3) Facility user fees and LKSIoV Histology Services.
LMP MED Laboratory Medicine & Pathology Sales for Core Pathology Services.
LSV LS Learning Services Staff training and development, and copyright permissions for course packs.
MBS MED Basic Sciences Sales for Services provided by FoMD basic science departments such as animal housing costs & MRI Services.
MIT MED MEDIT IT support, supplies including hardware and software.
MMI MED Medical Microbiology and Immunology Multi-level services provided to researchers including cell imaging services and data analysis.
NSC NU Nursing Registration workshops, HRDR services, library services, computer services.
OCE OCE Online and Continuing Education ELS instruction services, photocopy, rentals.
ONC MED Oncology Multi-level services provided to researchers such as access to specialized equipment and data analysis.
ONE CS ONEcard Print Departmental cards, access cards, meal plan commissions and rentals, print revenue, laundry revenue for H&FS, repairs and maintenance.
OOR MED Office of Research Internal sales for services provided by OoR, Core Facilites and various FoMD Institutes.
PDO KSR Faculty Affairs Merchandise, services, maintenance and repairs, facility rental. Lab Fitness testing, fees, supplies, VVC membership fees.
PED MED Pediatrics Sales for services provided by the Department of Pediatrics.
PHY SCI Physics Machine Shop charges, Transmission Electronic Microscope (TEM) session time, tech support charge, miscellaneous lab/conference/workshop charges.
PRK CS Parking Services Parking permits-staff, students, visitors, special events; Kiosk sales, parking coupons, fines (indents), allocation of external revenue.
PSC PHAR Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and other sales.
PSS SCI Psychology Science Psychology Shop charges, printing supplies, office and photocopy supplies, computing supplies (hardware and software).
PVI FO Vehicle Pool Division Vehicle rental, fuel and maintenance charges.
RAD MED Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Fees generated from CT & MRI Scans.
REM REHAB Rehabilitation Medicine Professional services, physio treatment, public speaking workshops, lecture services, consulting services, screening appraisals.
RMS FPP Risk Management & Insurance To process internal sales for Risk Management & Insurance liquor license applications.

SMR MED Surgical Medical Research Institute Fees charged for: Use of labs & operating rooms, surgeries, supplies & disposals, various lab sessions and courses and animal ethics training.
SSS SCI Dean's Office Science Supports and Services
STC SS Dean of Students Fees for student support services, such as workshops, consultations, registration, and other. Medical form fees, such as driver's license and physical exam.
STR SMS Distribution Operations Storage rental fees.
TLS AUG Tech and Learning Services Technology and Learning Services (TLS), printing, photocopy, phone charges and equipment rental, electronic supplies & services, audio visual aids & services, computing site licenses, equipment < $5000.
TMS IST Telephones Current month rent and prior month long distance charges.
TOS SMS Distribution Operations Delivery and messenger service charges.
UTL FO UT Off-campus Utilities Charges for domestic water, gas, electricity, steam and chilled water. 
VEH AUG Administration General Vehicle rentals and leases.
WCH MED Women and Children's Health Research Institute (WCHRI) Multi-level multidisciplinary professional services provided to researchers, consulting services, data analysis.

Legend of selling units:

ALES - Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences
ART - Arts 
AUG - Augustana
BUS - Business
CS - Campus Services
EDU - Education
ENG - Engineering
FO - Facilities and Operations (VP-Facilities & Operations)
FPP - Finance, Procurement and Planning
HRHSE - Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment
HSC - Health Sciences Council (Provost)
IST - Information Services and Technology
KSR - Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation
LKS - Medicine and Dentistry
LS - Learning Services (Provost)
MED - Medicine and Dentistry
NU - Nursing VP University Relations
OCE - Online and Continuing Education
PHAR - Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
REHAB - Rehabilitation Medicine
RO - Office of the Registrar
RMS - Risk Management Services
SCI - Science
SMS - Supply Management Services
SS - Student Services (Dean of Students)
VPER - Vice President External Relations