International Travel During COVID-19

Last Updated October 14, 2020

These travel requirements are specific only to international travel and do not apply to local or interprovincial jurisdictions within Canada. For travel within Canada, please follow procedures as outlined on the Field Research Activities page

International travel during the pandemic carries significant risk, as reflected by the Government of Canada's Level 3 travel warning that advises Canadians to "avoid non-essential travel" outside the country.

At this time, travel outside Canada by staff, faculty, and students on university business remains suspended unless the travel is considered vital to the academic mission of the university. To undertake international travel you must first receive approval from your Chair/Dean or your Director/VP.

  • If your supervisors support your travel, you must submit a request for review by the Public Health Response Team (PHRT).
  • If you are travelling for field research, you will be required to complete a FAP. If you are travelling for "other" business of the university, you will be required to complete a general questionnaire that the PHRT will review.
  • If they grant approval you may be required to purchase special travel medical insurance, placed by the university, that does not include COVID-19-related exclusions.

There are two different approval processes, one for "international field research" activity and the second for "other business" purposes. Please use the links, below, to be guided through the appropriate approval process and for instructions to register for and/or purchase the special travel insurance. You must be logged in with your ccid to access the forms. Please note that the processes are slightly different for employees and students so you will be directed to the appropriate steps accordingly. This information does not apply to academics visiting University of Alberta campuses, international students, or students studying abroad. Please see the Academic Visitor Office, Go Abroad page, or International Student Services for information on those processes.

1. International Field Research Activities - Field research is described as any research activities that take place outside of University of Alberta campuses, either in a non-U of A owned facility or on non-U of A land. International field research takes place outside of Canada and directly involves any form of research activities/investigations that may take place in a facility (i.e., lab, greenhouse) or a non-facility (i.e. forests, agricultural fields). Please see FRO and FRAC Terms of Reference. If you do not fall under this category, please select “Other International Travel” below. 

2. Other International Travel - Travel for the business of the university that is not field research.