Non-Employee Reimbursements

The hosting campus department must complete the Non-Employee Reimbursement form and attach receipts (where applicable). It is preferred that this form be completed online as a fillable form to ensure it is legible and that appropriate business purpose and expense types are selected from the drop-down lists.

Important Note: If receipts are in different currencies from the currency of payment to the claimant, convert all receipts/transactions using the same exchange rate to the currency of payment.

Example For a visitor from the United Kingdom to be paid in EUR, convert all receipts and allowances to EUR and enter the EUR value on the expense lines of the form.

The non-employee claimant should sign the form; however, if they are not available, an email from them relating to the reimbursement may be attached.

The Non-Employee Reimbursement form must be approved by the appropriate budget owner and independent reviewer (if research funds are expensed).

The Non-Employee Reimbursement form and attached receipts must be submitted to the Staff Service Centre.