Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are used for the acquisition of goods and services required by University units in support of their operations. A Purchase Order represents a binding agreement with the Supplier to provide goods and services in accordance with the appropriate terms and conditions of the University. SMS is the delegated authority to enter into agreements for goods and services as approved by The Board of Governors of the University of Alberta through the Contract Review and Signing Authority Policy.

Purchase Orders are obtained by completing a Purchase Request using SupplyNet.

Proposed purchases in excess of the Competitive Bid Thresholds (goods and services valued at $75,000 CDN and above and construction services valued at $200,000 CDN and above) are subject to a competitive bid process as outlined in the Competitive Bid and Competitive Bid Exception Procedure.

SMS is the signing authority for all purchase agreements, including license agreements for the use of software or online services, and will lead any required contract reviews in accordance with the Contract Review and Signing Authority Policy.

Certain transactions may fall under the non-resident tax legislation and may be subject to withholding of tax. In accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act (Canada), the University will withhold and submit 15% of the fees charged on each invoice for services performed in Canada by the non-resident unless the contractor obtains from Canada Revenue Agency a waiver or reduction in the amount to be withheld.

For further information:

See: Purchase Order Procedure
Contracting for Services Procedure
Competitive Bid and Competitive Bid Exception Procedure
Preferred Supplier Contract List

Contact: customerservice@sms.ualberta.ca


For information on purchasing with SupplyNet: SupplyNet - Information for Campus Users

Contact: SupplyNet@sms.ualberta.ca