Amazon Business Prime Catalogue

A central Amazon Business Prime Account provides departments with access to an Amazon Catalogue in SupplyNet, simplifying the buying process for low value goods that are not available from our Preferred Suppliers.

Amazon Business Prime Catalogue benefits include

  • Free 2-Day shipping on Prime-eligible items.
  • No Prime membership fee.
  • Simplified buying process for products that are not available from our Preferred Suppliers.
  • Access to millions of products.
  • Business discounts, available only to Amazon Business customers.
  • Dedicated Amazon Business customer service.

Administrative Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all employees using the University’s Amazon Catalogue

  1. For business-related purchases only; personal purchases of any kind are not permitted.
  2. Home deliveries are not permitted. All SupplyNet Catalogue Orders including Amazon Business Orders are delivered to designated University locations only. 
  3. Amazon Business Catalogue should only be used to purchase products that are not available from our Preferred Suppliers.

How to Access

Your new Amazon Business Prime account will be created with your when you access the Amazon Catalogue in SupplyNet for the first time. 

Please see the First Time User Registration Guide.

Important note for first-time users with an existing Amazon account linked to your email.

Recommended: Assign a new email for your current Amazon account

We recommend that you separate the new Amazon Business Account in SupplyNet from your existing Amazon Account. When prompted, please select either “personal shopping” or “mix of business and personal shopping,” then assign a new email to your existing Amazon Account.

Not Recommended: Add your Personal Amazon account to the U of A’s central Amazon Business Account

We do not recommend the transfer of your existing Amazon Account. This option transfers your entire purchase history to the U of A’s central Amazon Business Account, including any personal purchases made. In addition, it inactivates your personal account and you will lose access to any subscriptions or personal Prime benefits you may have.