SupplyNet FAQ's for Campus Users

How can I get access to SupplyNet?

Please contact your Supervisor or Academic Department Manager for the "SupplyNet Requester" role.

SupplyNet Access allows you to create and manage Requisitions and Purchase Orders for goods and services and view Preferred Supplier Catalogues.

The "SupplyNet Requester" Role can be assigned to active Employees and Graduate Students.

Click here for details on additional SupplyNet roles.

What is the “SupplyNet Global Inquiry” role and how can I apply for it?

The basic "SupplyNet Requester" role provides access to the Requester's transactions. The  “SupplyNet Global Inquiry” role is for individuals who require broad departmental or central Inquiry capabilities in SupplyNet.
This role provides:

  • Inquiry capabilities to all Requester and Approver activities
  • Access to all University requisitions, purchase orders and invoices
  • Ability to re-assign a purchase order to another Requester

For Global inquiry access download the form and have it signed by your Supervisor or Academic Department Manager. Once the form is complete and signed please send it to the email address at the bottom of the form.

Click here for details on additional SupplyNet roles.

How can I create a Preferred Supplier catalogue requisition?

Click here for step by step instructions on creating a requisition from Preferred Supplier Catalogue 

How can I create a freeform requisition or contract for services requisition?

Click here for step by step instructions on creating a Freeform requisition or Contract for Services requisition. 

How can I initiate a change order to edit or cancel my order /order lines?

Click here for step by step instructions on initiating a change order for editing, canceling a PO or a line on the order. 

Can I have more than one SpeedCode on a line?

Yes, if you wish to split a single line into more than one SpeedCodes you can use the green split billing arrow on each line.Click on the double arrow to open a dialogue box where you can identify the billing for each split.  You can define the split by dollar amount or by percentage and click on save to update billing changes

Click here for step by step instructions.


My SpeedCode is not appearing in SupplyNet?
Ensure your SpeedCode is active. Click on the magnifying glass on the requisition line to enter the SpeedCode. Please click here for step by step instructions
How can I withdraw a Requisition?
Please click here for step by step instructions on withdrawing a requisition. Important to note that you can withdraw a requisition to make changes only when the status is ‘Pending Approval’. This will return it to “draft” status where you can make your changes and re-submit for approval, or delete the requisition. 
Ordering from a New Supplier or Supplier name cannot be found

Upon typing the supplier’s name in the supplier field, your supplier does not appear in the drop down, this indicates that it is a new supplier. 

Cancel the 'Write a Request Window' and download the New Supplier Request and email it to your Supplier contact for completion. NOTE THAT THIS FORM IS MANDATORY AND MUST BE COMPLETED ELECTRONICALLY BY THE SUPPLIER NOT A UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEE. HANDWRITTEN FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

When the completed form is returned to you by the Supplier, initiate the requisition. Type Supplier - new (with spaces) in the supplier field and choose from the drop down. Attach the completed form received by the supplier.

Please note that we encourage using the Corporate Purchasing Card (PCard) for eligible purchases below $5,000 for new Suppliers.

Only proceed with the steps below if a SupplyNet PO is required and PCard is not an option (e.g. Supplier does not accept credit card payments, Contract for Services,  restricted or controlled goods - see eligible and ineligible PCard expenses and Benefits of using PCard).



How can I receive my orders?

Click here for step by step instructions on multiple ways to receive your order.

How can I void receipt on my order?

Click here for step by step instructions on how to void receipt on your order.

Can I receive an order on behalf of another Requester?

Click here for step by step instructions on receiving an order on behalf of another requester.  

Can invoice be processed without an order reference?

Invoices without a PO that do not meet the criteria of Direct Pay will no longer be paid and will be returned to either the responsible department or to the supplier. University purchasing options are either by Purchase Order or Corporate Purchasing Card (PCard). Departments may contact the supplier to pay the returned invoice by PCard. Or, if choosing to initiate a requisition in SupplyNet after the invoice has been received, it will be the department’s responsibility to communicate to the supplier that it is not a new order to be fulfilled (i.e. duplicate order). The department will also be responsible to advise the supplier that the existing invoice will need to be revised to include the PO number and then have the invoice re- submitted, via the invoicing methods indicated on the Purchase order. 

I am working from home, can orders be sent to my home address?

It is not possible to have orders delivered to a home address. Vendors deliver orders to the University. Requesters can make arrangements to pick up the delivery at central shipping in the Materials Management building by contacting Dispatch

Can orders be delivered to an alternate delivery location, which is not a home address e.g another research facility?

Yes, orders can be sent to an alternate delivery location on freeform orders and NOT online supplier catalog orders.

Select “Alternate Location” if the ship-to address does not appear in the list of locations.

The requisition will route to a Procurement and Contracts Management (PCM) for review prior to PO dispatch.

Click here for step by step instructions.

What do I need to know when I choose a Capital GL account starting with 507?

A Capital GL Account (507xxx) should only be used for items valued at $5,000 or more per unit and that are expected to last at least 3 years.   

See the  Guide to Financial Management - Chapter 9 Capital Account Coding for more information.

How can a Supplier invoice against my order?


After a SupplyNet PO has been fulfilled, invoices can be submitted electronically via one of the following methods:

Option 1: Invoice via the Coupa Supplier Portal (Preferred method of invoicing)

Register on the Coupa Supplier Portal by clicking the "Create Your Account" Button in your Coupa email and create invoices directly against the PO.  Click here for instructions. 

Option 2: Submit Invoices directly from the PO email  

Use the "Create Invoice" button provided in the PO email to submit Invoices. Click here for instructions. 
Note: Option 2 requires authentication of a One-Time Password emailed to the PO email address. 

What do I have to know and do when I plan to purchase nuclear substances (radioisotopes) or equipment containing nuclear substances (radiation devices), Lasers and X-ray devices?
Click here for detailed instructions on what you need to know when planning to purchase nuclear substances (radioisotopes) or equipment containing nuclear substances (radiation devices), Class 3B or Class 4 laser and X-ray devices