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Financial Services

Accounts - Chart of Accounts (COA) 

COA - New:
Class (Word)
Project (Operating) (Word)
SpeedCode (Word)
Account (Word)

COA - Change:
Program (Word)
Project (Operating) (Word)
SpeedCode (Word)

DeptID - New (Word)
DeptID - Change (Word)
Department ID Management (Word)

Report (nVision) Maintenance

nVision Report Form (Excel)
Tree Maintenance Form (Excel)

Fund 100 (Central Institution) Maintenance

Program 8 Request Form (Word)

Billing - External

Billing Unit Setup & Update Request  (Editable PDF)
External Billing Customer Setup & Update Request - Commercial  (Editable Word)
Incoming EFT Customer Payment Information Form (Word)
USD Invoice - Commercial (Word)
RSO Only- USD Invoice (Converting USD to CDN)  (Excel)
RSO Only- USD Invoice (Converting CDN to USD)  (Excel)
W-8BEN-E (Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Report (Entities))Sample Form (PDF)
CRA Confirmation of Registration (PDF)
Certification of Canadian Residency - Sample only (PDF)

Billing - Internal

Internal Sale - (Word)


Cash Register Float Application and Procedures (Word)
Cashier Deposit Correction Form (Excel)
Cheque Deposit Information Form (Excel)
Cashier Deposit Book Request (Word)
Petty Cash Requisition Form and Procedures (Word)

GLJE Requests

Refer to Instructions at top of each form to ensure the appropriate form is completed.

Send to Research Services Office:

Research: General Ledger Journal Entry (Excel)
Research: Endowment Transfer (Excel)

Send to Financial Services:

Research and Operating: Accrual (Expense) (Excel)
Research and Operating: Accrual (Revenue) (Excel)
Operating: Other (Excel)
Operating: Chartfield String Correction (Excel)
Operating: Standard (Excel)
Operating: Transfer Between Operating Funds (Excel)
Operating: Transfer Within Operating Funds (Excel)
Research and Operating: Internal Sales (Excel)
Operating: GLJE Request (more than 20 lines) (Excel)

GL Importer Tool:

GL Importer Tool - User Manual (Word)
GL Importer Tool Template (Excel)
JRNL1.xlsm (Excel)
JRNLMCRO.xlam (Excel)


Transaction Source Document Filing (Jackets) - Samples and Ordering

These "jackets" provide an effective means of retaining orderly supporting documentation for transactions processed.
Accounts Payable Journal Jacket (PDF)
External Billing Journal Jacket (PDF)
General Ledger Journal Jacket (PDF)
Generic Journal Jacket (PDF)

Supply Management Services

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Journal Voucher Entry Form (Excel)
Electronic Funds Transfer (PDF)
Electronic Payments US Currency (PDF)
Non-Employee Reimbursement (Editable PDF)
Payment Request (PDF)
Payment Request Multiple Payee Worksheet (Excel)
Wire Transfer Form (PDF) 

Distribution Services

Declaration For Dangerous Goods "Air" (Editable PDF)
Declaration For Dangerous Goods "Ground"  (Editable PDF)
Radioactive & Biohazard Compliance Form  (Editable PDF)
Shipping Form  (Editable PDF)
Storage Request Form  (Editable PDF)
Surplus Disposal Form (Word)
Market Evaluation Form (Word)

Equipment Services

Equipment Asset Form - Acceptance of Equipment Transferred From the University (Word)
Asset Disposal Form - Asset Retirement (Word)
Asset Disposal Form - Donation to Registered Charity (Word)
Asset Disposal Form - Request to Transfer Equipment to Another Institution (Word)
Asset Disposal Form - Transfer or Sale (Internal) to Another University Unit (Word)
Equipment Asset Acceptance of Gift in Kind to the University Unit (Word)
Equipment Asset Acceptance of Equipment Transferred to the University (Word)
Equipment Asset Loan Form - Equipment Loan from the University of Alberta (Word)
Equipment Asset Loan Form - Equipment Loan to the University of Alberta (PDF)
Fair Value Assessment Form (Word)
Surplus Disposal Form (Word)

Asset Equipment Services Upload Template - Contact Equipment Services

Procurement and Contract Management

Change Order Draft  (Word)
Competitive Bid Exception (CBE) Form (Word)
Competitive Bid Procedure Exception Request (F&O) (Word)
Corporate P-Card Application Form  (PDF)
Corporate P-Card Log Sheet (Word)
Determination of a Worker's Status Checklist (Word)
Low Dollar Purchase (LDP) Order Form  (Editable PDF)
Low Dollar Purchase (LDP) Transaction Log Sheet  (Excel)
Praxair Cylinder Return Form (PDF)
Services Agreement (Word)
Services Requisition REMOVED (See further information)
Standard Contract Criteria (Word)
Statutory Declaration Form  (Editable PDF) 

Travel and Expense Management

Employee Expense Reimbursement Worksheet (non travel) (PDF)
Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement Worksheet (PDF)
Hotel Authorization Payment (HAP) (CCID required)
Non-Employee Travel Expense Payment (See Accounts Payable - Non-Employee Reimbursement)
Travel Authorization Payment (TAP) (CCID required)
Travel & Expense Journal Entry Form (PDF)
Travel & Expense Adjusting Entry Access Request Form