Interdepartment Charges (Various)

Error Correction Procedure
Ensure appropriate documentation is attached to each journal. For example, include a copy of the ledger or query highlighting the transaction being corrected.



Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences (Bio Sci)

BSC Monthly - charges for prior 30 days.

Quarterly - prior quarter charges

Charges for BIOSCI stores, MBSU facility, BIOTRON, printing, photocopying and fabrication/ instrumentation workshops.

BELL CLT Biobar charges.

Mainly allocations within department. Other Units retain a copy of the indent.

GL Description MBSU charges Dec. 00-15893
(indicating Molecular Biology Service Unit charges, month, and BSC reference #)



BKS Daily - for previous day Purchases from the Bookstore

After processing a copy of the indent is returned to the department.

GL Description 52450 main bkstr
(indicating indent # and location)

Business Reply Mail


BRM Monthly - Current month up to last 3rd calendar day plus last 3 days of prior month. Metered mail charges for prepaid postage provided.


Department receives a statement each month providing the details for the current month charge by date and # of pieces.

GL Description Business Reply Mail Charges

Canada Post


DST Monthly - current month up to last 3rd calendar day plus last 3 days of prior month. Metered mail charges for all off campus mail.

N/A - Reports detailing postage charges can be generated if requested by Department.

GL Description April 26/01 to May 28/01
(indicating the billing period)

Chemistry Supplies


CHE Bi-Weekly - Previous two weeks charges Purchases of supplies

Department retains a copy of the indent.

GL Description Chem LiqN2 April 01 Ind 60010
(indicating the supplies, month/year and indent #)

Computing Network Services (CNS)


CNS At least once a month as services are provided. Weekly at year end Purchases of CNS Services/Products.


Department retains a copy of the indent. When indent is for standing orders, the indent is completed as services are provided and a copy is forwarded to department at the time of processing.

GL Description 65946 CNS HPPlot
(indicating indent # and type of service)

Computing Network Transfers


CNT Monthly - if required Corrections to account number and/or speedcode.

Department receives a copy of the journal processed.

GL Description 33923 SGI T1s
(indicating the indent # and products purchased)

CNS Optical Mark Reading




Monthly - for prior 30 days. Optical Mark Reading and Instructor Evaluation Charges.

Department receives a statement with charges per speed code - account and a report with a detailed breakdown of the charges per requisition.

GL Description CNS OMR/IDQ Charges
(indicating Optical Mark Reader; Instructor Designed Questionnaire charges of requisition #)

External Relations (Creative Services)

CRS Weekly - charges are for the current month and/or prior months upon completion of contract Purchases of graphic design, printing, web design and photo services.

Department receives monthly statements detailing charges.

GL Description ICI2655 Imaging Centre
(indicating Imaging Centre Word Order #)

Job Order Billing System

Facilities & Operations

JOB Monthly - includes Current month up to 2nd last working day. Charges for Repairs and Maintenance, Contract Services, etc. on Campus.

Units receive a monthly statement.

GL Description Job/WO June 01 Jobs 1
(indicating work order for month/year)

NOTE: Facilities Operations is in the process of replacing the current work order system. Improvement changes to the existing system will not occur.

Office Imaging Solutions


OIS Monthly for current month charges. Annual adjustment to actual cost in March for year end. Charges for rent and maintenance of Departmental Photocopiers.

Units are provided with monthly statement.

GL Description Office Imaging Charges

Site Licenses Volume


SLV Indents are processed as received for charges up to and including current month Site Licenses Volume Purchases.

Department retains copy of indent issued.

GL Description 72518 CNS
(indicating indent number and department)

Special Handling


SH Monthly - current month up to last 3rd calendar day plus last 3 days of prior month. Mail distribution charges for Canada Post Products.


Department retains a copy of the Shipping Requisition form or if multiple shipments are involved the department is sent a Cost Centre Detail Report.

GL Description Integrted Shipping Mail Charge

Technical Resource Group (TRG)




Weekly - as jobs are completed. Charges for services provided - instrument repairs, machine shop, glass blowing, etc.

Department receives a statement at the beginning of the month for the prior month charges.

GL Description C5876 ClassRoom Support
(indicating work order # and service provided)

Telephone Billing


TMS Monthly - Beginning of month Current month rent and prior month long distance charges.

Units receive a monthly statement.

GL Description #of TRXS:2 Jun 01 TMSS Ch
(indicating the number of transactions, month/year, Telephone Management System Services charge)

Transportation Orders


TO Monthly - charges include last 3 days of prior month and current month up to last 3rd day Delivery and messenger service charges

Monthly statement available from SMS, Distribution Operations.

GL Description Transportation Order


Facilities & Operations

UTL Monthly. Charges are processed one month in arrears. (e.g., transactions appearing in the GL in June are for charges incurred in May). Charges for domestic water, gas, electricity, steam and chilled water.

Department receives a monthly statement.

GL Description Utilities June 01 Util Ch
(indicating Utility charges for month/year)

Vehicle Pool Billing

Facilities & Operations

PVI Casual Rentals
Monthly - in month vehicle is returned.
Seasonal/ Permanent Rentals
Monthly - for current month.
Vehicle rental charges.

Per/Km Charges for fuel and maintenance.

Units receive a monthly statement showing MTD & YTD charges.

GL Description PV1#20021 SEP 01 PVI CH
(indicating pool vehicle issue # and month/year charge is for)

Last Update: March 2015