Lost Cheques

The following procedure applies to cheques to suppliers, students and staff.

In the event of a lost cheque, a replacement will be issued upon completion of a Lost Cheque Protection Agreement. To initiate a Lost Cheque Protection Agreement, contact Financial Services reception at:

Email: fs.requests@ualberta.ca
or Phone: (780) 492-1300
or Fax: (780) 492-2846

Provide as many of the following details as possible in the message:

  • payee name
  • cheque number
  • cheque date
  • cheque amount (indicate whether in Canadian or US dollars)
  • fax number or e-mail address to which the Lost Cheque Protection Agreement is to be sent

(Note: students may obtain some of these details from BearTracks)

The replacement cheque may take up to two weeks to process and will be sent to the same location as the original cheque unless otherwise requested.


Last updated: November 2015