10 stories that gave us news we can use in 2019

From avoiding sunburn and food poisoning to getting immunized and keeping up with exercise, there was a wealth of expert advice to help you live healthier his year.


Infectious disease expert Lynora Saxinger set the record straight on common concerns about flu vaccination in time for the start of flu season this year. (Photo: Getty Images)

1. How to prevent food poisoning

Food poisoning strikes one in eight Canadians each year, yet it is almost entirely preventable, according to two experts who explained how it happens, how to prevent it and what to do if it you get it.

2. How to keep your lawn green and healthy

Practical advice for winning the literal turf war to keep your lawn lush and healthy from the head of horticulture at the U of A Botanic Garden.

3. Should you feed wild birds in winter?

Nothing draws birds like a free meal, but feeders may do as much harm as good, according to ecologist Erin Bayne, who provided four tips for putting out food without putting birds at risk.

4. New website helps people avoid swimmer's itch

In one of our top stories of the summer, public health researcher Patrick Hanington explained what swimmer's itch is, why it's hard to avoid in Alberta lakes and how to minimize your chances of getting the itchy rash.

5. What makes people stick with exercise-and what doesn't

It's not about motivation, said health promotion expert Kerry Mummery-it's about giving yourself enough time and finding enjoyment in staying active: "We all have to be a little bit selfish from time to time to take the time to look after ourselves."

6. Four surprising ways to get a sunburn, and six ways to treat it

Sunburn doesn't have to be an annual ritual, according to dermatologist Robert Gniadecki, who explains why putting on sunscreen is often not enough, why you should avoid home remedies and what works best to ease the burn.

7. U of A family doctor offers evidence-based mom blog

The science-based advice physician Stephanie Liu dispenses on her blog, Life of Dr. Mom, is a welcome antidote to the glut of misinformation parents too often find online.

8. Why you should think twice before trying home canning

Everything old may be new again to a fresh generation looking to live more sustainably, but home canning comes with serious risks, according to food microbiologist Michael Gänzle, who suggested four safer alternatives for preserving your home-grown fruit and vegetables.

9. Is coffee good for you?

Three to four cups a day can boost your health along with your energy level, but caffeine isn't for everyone, said two experts who provided tips on how to get the most from your daily dose.

10. True or false? Five commonly held beliefs about the flu vaccine

Just in time for the start of flu season this year, infectious disease specialist Lynora Saxinger set the record straight on five of the main reasons people say they won't get the shot.