2019 Donor Impact Report

" your generosity creates opportunity.

I see it every day. Because of you, more students have extraordinary learning experiences and our researchers have greater capacity to tackle complex problems. Your support changes lives and advances discovery - now and in the future. Thank you!

david h. turpin
President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Alberta

together, donors gave $167.8 M
this year* to create a better future

$82M research
Donors advanced research and discovery, and helped attract talented faculty.
$41M programs
Donors enhanced teaching, experiential learning and student research opportunities.
$39M student awards
Donors reduced financial barriers for students and helped them achieve their potential.
$6M facilities
Donors transformed campus through new and enhanced buildings, labs, libraries and learning spaces.

Research brings answers
for next generation

Diagnosed with diabetes at age seven, Colin Blanch may soon be able to avoid continually monitoring his blood glucose levels, thanks to research funded by his parents, Val and Morley.


Donor support lifts up students in need

Eric was weighed down with debt until he received the Dr. Wendy Jerome Bursary. Now he can focus on his goal of empowering others, like his sister Kari, who has cerebral palsy.


17,775 donors gave to the
University of Alberta in 2018-19

Donors gave
for the first time
this year
Donors are
U of A alumni
Donors supported
the U of A each
year for the
past five years
Donors are current or
former U of A
faculty and staff

Legacy brings light to students in distress

Kayla wanted to help students struggling with mental health, so she and her classmates made a video to share her story. The video series was funded by Brian and Cecile Silzer, whose daughter Catherine died by suicide three years ago.


Student team creates
a buzz thanks to donors

Ethan's student research team engineered a drug to stop a deadly infection in honeybees. Donors helped the students travel to an international competition, where they won first prize for their innovation.


your gift has an enduring impact

Donors to endowed funds provide the university with a steady, predictable and perpetual source of income.

Made available in 2018-19 from endowment funds to support research, teaching and learning
Value of UAlberta endowments
Added to endowments in 2018-19

a better future is unfolding now,
because of you

*This report highlights donor impact from the University of Alberta's 2019 fiscal year: April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.
Research brings answers for next generation
Donor support lifts students in need
Legacy brings light to students in distress
Student team creates a buzz thanks to donors

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