One-time and Monthly Gifts

Empower a student to attend university by removing financial barriers, help a research project get off the ground, or put classroom ideas into practice through community outreach.

Some gifts hold incredible power in that they can make a difference almost immediately. By giving to your area of choice, you can enhance the student experience and ensure researchers continue their important work. Any amount makes a difference, whether you give to support specific institutes across the university or scholarships, awards and bursaries.

Benefits of making an immediate gift

  • Donate with cash, credit card or cheque 
  • Give just once or make payments monthly or annually 
  • You make an immediate impact - your gift is spent the same year 
  • Receive a tax credit of up to 54%
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How it works

For example, a donor gives $4,000 towards a specific cause or project.

  1. The donor receives a $4,000 charitable tax receipt.
  2. The donor receives a $2,000 tax credit.*

* Tax credit depends on donor's income and specific circumstance

Want to give online without using a credit card?

Make your donation through online Canadian banking »

During the Vietnamese refugee crisis 44 years ago, Father Gauthier led a church congregation to sponsor a refugee family no one else wanted: mine. My mother had little education and six children. The kindness and generosity of these sponsors brought our family to this land of opportunity where I could pursue my dream of becoming a physician. Establishing the Gauthier & Tran Endowment in Medicine is my way of paying forward their kindness so other students in need can pursue their dreams.

Nhung Tran-Davies

Nhung Tran-Davies